The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 415

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 415
Alex Rockefeller did not accept Charles Carter’s invitation to the dinner. He already had an appointment with Miranda Film to treat her unspeakable ailment. Also, he felt a deep sense of guilt whenever he saw Charles.
Perhaps it was the previous incident where he slept on the same bed as Hailey in Michigan. Or at that time, perhaps he had to cleanse the aphrodisiac drug from Hailey’s body. Or perhaps even the accidental embrace that happened just moments ago.
He was surprised to find out that they had so many intimate encounters. It was too risky, he thought. There seemed to be an urge brewing in his body.
‘I have got to keep my distance from Hailey.’
Alex thought to himself as he dialed Miranda’s number on his phone.
He prepared some pills last night. Using his Chi at the same time, it should be an easy job treating her ailment.
However, Miranda said, “Oh, my dear Rockefeller, I am so sorry. I am stuck at work. Can we do it tonight? I will call you again later.”
Alex agreed.
It had given him an opportunity to talk to Dorothy Ass*x regarding the project with California Bridges and Railways Inc.


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