The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 416

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 416
Overheating the phone conversation, Alex Rockefeller’s expression darkened.
After the previous encounter, the Ass*x family had stopped for a while but returned to wreak havoc, just like cockroaches that
wouldn’t stop appearing even as they were exterminated.
Both husband and wife rushed home as quickly as they could. Upon arriving at the doors, they heard Claire Ass*x’s wailing.
She sat on the floor with a swollen left face, messy hair, and a lost slipper.
Beatrice Ass*x stood haughtily by the side, cleaver in her hand.
Obviously, she had been beaten as well, with blood streaming down her nose.
“If you come any closer, you are all going down with me!” she yelled.
Dorothy and Alex entered the house at that very moment.
“Are you okay, mom?”
“How could you, Uncle!”
Dorothy teared tip seeing Claire’s swollen face, while Alex went over to Beatrice and removed the cleaver from her grasp.
He gently pulled her behind. “Stand down and get your nosebleed stopped. I will do the fighting,” he calmly said.


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