The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 417

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 417
“How did he do it?”
Emma Ass*x cried out in surprise, unable to accept what had happened. This was never supposed to happen!
Things should have turned out the other way!
Alex Rockefeller knocked out the groaning bodyguard with a kick and looked at Emma condescendingly with a smirk on his face.
“So these are the strong and powerful fighters you hired? Gosh, are you sure they’re not from the film studio? I wonder if the Ass*xes are too strapped for cash to hire actual fighters after losing the opportunity to work with Waylon Realty?”
He was humorous, assertive, and dominant.
Madame Joanne and the rest watched on in fear.
Beatrice Ass*x was shaken tip, though she started to think that Alex looked like Mask, her secret lover.
‘No, no, it can’t be! Mask is from the authorities. It can’t be him!’ she shook her head.


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