The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 418

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 418
Alex Rockefeller approached them slowly, one step at a time.
Seeing the bodyguard with a broken leg on the floor, Anderson Ass*x was terrified out of his wits. ‘Crazy!
He’s crazy! No, I don’t want to be wheelchair-bound for the rest of my life!
Immediately, he chose the first option and kneeled in front of Claire Ass*x.
Claire’s eyes bulged wide in astonishment.
Meanwhile, Beatrice, still holding onto Claire, stole a glimpse at Alex. ‘He seemed a little different today, a little manlier than usual.
Just like Mask.. No, no, it was a mere illusion.’
“Do it, mom!” she said to Claire.
With tears streaming down her face, Claire slapped Anderson. “We will leave this very house in three days,” she cried. “After that, we will sever our ties with you!”
“Great! I look forward to that!” Madame Joanne leaped in joy.
“Go live under a bridge, you hobos!” Anderson roared.


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