The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 419

An attractive woman stood right there. It wasn’t his wife, Dorothy, but his sister-in-law,
Beatrice Ass*x!
His eyes opened wide in horror as he quickly pushed her away.
“It’s you?”
Beatrice took a few steps back and slammed into the refrigerator.
“You shoved me!”
Beatrice exclaimed while looking at Alex. Usually, she would have immediately
admonished Alex, but now she behaved like a frail woman, entirely out of the ordinary.
Alex retraced his hands awkwardly and said, “Sorry, I thought you were Dorothy.”
Oddly enough, Beatrice was not mad but covered Alex’s nose and lips with her hand
Alex was taken aback. They never had such an intimate encounter. Except for that
night, of course, where she came onto him after being drugged.
“What are you trying to do?”
He pushed her hand away.
Beatrice suddenly asked, “Are you Mask?”
Alex was shocked and kept thinking to himself, wondering what he did to expose his
Before he could deny it, Beatrice continued, “You must have imitated him after watching
his video, right?
No, you don’t look a single bit like him.”
She stomped on his foot and quickly left the kitchen. ‘That was a good scare. I knew it
couldn’t be him!’
Beatrice breathed a sigh of relief.
Mask was an assertive, dominant, attractive yet, loyal person. Even though Alex had a
similar mannerism and hairstyle, the vibe he gave off was completely different. The
weakling in the kitchen and the dominant Mask were two distinct beings!
‘I’m going insane.’
Beatrice entered the living room and was quickly roped into the house search by Claire
“Come here. I want to look for a twenty million dollar villa.”
“Twenty million?! That’s expensive!” Beatrice exclaimed.
“What do you know? He has that much money. If we don’t use it, his mother will! That
lady, Brittany Rockefeller, is crazy.
Wanting to destroy the Rockefeller Group in three
months? Can you believe it? Well, I don’t! I’d rather use the money to buy myself a villa
than let it go to waste! Ah, one with a swimming pool too… I love swimming!”
“Even though Maple Villa is a perfect choice, but… Things would get awkward if Brittany
Claire was still fearful of her.
“Why don’t you get one with a ten million dollar price tag instead?” Beatrice suggested.
“No, I want a twenty million dollar villa!”
This time, the real Dorothy entered the kitchen.
“Are you sure you want to buy a villa for Mother?”
This time, Alex made sure he knew who it was before pulling her into a deep embrace.
“Of course! Where else can you stay? Your mother doesn’t want to live in Maple Villa for
“But the money…?”
“Don’t worry about them.”
“Can you at least tell me where you’re getting the money from?”
Alex answered, “Relax, it’s legitimate cash. My mother was very wealthy but only
learned about it recently.”
Of course, he could not say that he had scammed it off some unlucky dude. Then she
would never want to use it.
“Shoo! The kitchen is not your place.” Alex gently pushed her toward the door.
“Let me help you. I can wash the vegetables.”
“Your hands deserve better.” Alex shook his head.
“What for then?”
Alex grabbed her hand and gently kissed it.
“For my lips.


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