The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 42

Alex’s expression turned colder. “Who sent you?”
Scarface scoffed. “Do you really want to know? Kneel down and slap yourself then. If you give me a good show, I might consider telling you.”
Alex nodded. “How about this? You kneel down and slap yourself a hundred times. Then, I might consider letting you off easy.”
“What?” The thugs were confused as they thought they had heard wrong.
Before arriving, they heard that this guy was a good for nothing bloke. He wasn’t even allowed to be intimate with his own wife and he had to slave away for his mother-in-law.
How could someone as worthless as him dare to say such words to them?
Was he out of his mind?
“You’ve got some guts, I’d give you that you brat. Looks like you’re going to have to say goodbye to your lower half and your arms!” Scarface smirked cockily, raising the bat above his head, about to smash Alex’s legs.
There was a loud thud followed by cracking.
The wooden bat smashed right into Alex’s shin and into two halves from the impact.
“Ah! Stop!” Cheryl screamed out of terror.
However, something felt odd.
The thick bat was broken in half, yet Alex seemed oddly calm. He stood there, expressionless and not moving a muscle. It was as if he couldn’t feel pain at all.
Scarface was stunned as well.
He had broken numerous legs, yet none of them could endure the impact of the bat, let alone an impact strong enough to break the bat in half.
Alex stood there, shifting his weight to his other leg.
He was overjoyed. The force his ancestor had given him did him well.
He wasn’t talking about the attack power of this skill, but the incredible defense that it provided. It was as if an invisible shield protected him from any attack.
As he was being attacked on the shin, a large flow of Chi rushed to it. As if it mirrored the attack, it would protect that certain body part immediately without causing him any pain at all.
“You’re unhurt?” Scarface was absolutely shocked.
“Yeah, but you’re not going to be,” Alex said as he swung his leg towards Scarface’s shin, he attacked the same spot where Scarface had attacked him.
With a loud crack, Scarface’s shin was fractured. A loud smack followed as Scarface’s face was slapped and he fell to the ground.
“F*ck, let’s gang up on him!” The remaining thugs yelled, lunging towards Alex.
Alex was confident in himself. His eyes and mind were sharp, focusing on both protecting Cheryl and taking down the enemy. He snatched one of their bats and started swinging vigorously at them. His strength was immense, it was as if he was on a killing spree. The remaining hitmen yelped in pain, no longer able to fight back.
Cheryl initially thought that she was done for earlier.
What she did not expect was Alex’s strength. Her eyes were filled with admiration.
When some of the thugs tried to harass her with their bats, he put himself between them as he fought to protect her. This left an extremely strong impression on her.
“Hey!” Alex poked Scarface on his fractured leg with a bat. “Who sent you to break my legs?”
Scarface refused to spill at first.
However, Alex put more pressure onto his fractured shin, invoking an intense pain. He wasn’t able to handle it anymore and pleaded, “Please stop! Stop! I’ll confess, I’ll tell you! It was Spark Rockefeller from Rockefeller Group!”
Alex felt extremely angry when he heard that name.
‘You motherf*cker. I’m not even seeking revenge yet, and here you are trying to get at me?
‘Well then, so be it. I’ll give you a life lesson too.’
“Call Spark now, tell him that you’ve captured me, and a beauty!”


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