The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 420

“Okay, okay, you should go and get prepared for tomorrow. We’ll be signing a contract
with Roadways and Bridges Inc. after all,” said Alex. His eyes shone with a ruthless
‘Suffer the consequences of pissing me off, Madame Joanne.’
Dinner that night had the Ass*x sisters in tears.
Dorothy Ass*x said to her mother,
Claire, “Mom, this is what we call real food! The ones you cooked were inedible at best ”
Beatrice’s stomach was chock full of food as she looked silently at Alex.
After swallowing down the last piece of roasted pork in gravy, Claire licked her lips and
said, “I came from a wealthy family and never had to do any household chores.
Your father used to say that I should have been a hand model. Consider yourselves lucky
that I even cooked for you!”
She then turned to Alex. “Jer… Alex, why don’ t you wash the dishes? Also, you’re still
unemployed, right?
Then it’s set. You’ll be cooking for us from now on.”
Claire returned to her true self after having a sumptuous meal.
“I’m busy, and I’ve got an appointment now. See you!”
Alex stood up and left.
“Come on, a little money, and you get all cocky and whatnot…”
Dorothy got onto her feet too. “I have work to do. I’ll be in my room.”
Claire then turned her attention to her youngest daughter.
“I have assignments to complete!” Beatrice ran up the stairs.
“Who is washing the dishes then?”
“You are! See, even if you are a hand model, your husband still left you for another
“You insolent brat…”
Miranda called Alex at eight-thirty that night. She was finally done with work and was
now back at her hotel room at The Hilton.
“What do you mean I have to treat you at the hotel?” Alex instinctively declined.
After all, a lone woman and a lone man in a hotel room did not seem too appropriate.
But then again, Miranda’s illness was rather unusual and quite intimate. His treatment
would be a little embarrassing, to say the least. The hotel turned out to be the perfect
Half an hour later, Alex arrived at the room.
After a knock, he opened the doors and saw Zendaya. Surprised, Alex looked at the
room number. “Did I come to the right place?”
“Yes, you did. Come in!” Zendaya smiled.
Upon entering, he saw Miranda coming out of the bathroom with dripping wet hair. A
white towel wrapped around her body, her silky long legs were exposed, much to Alex’s
Miranda greeted Alex lavishly.
‘Damn, are foreign women so accessible?’ he thought, as he tried to avert his eyes.
However, her attire made the treatment a little easier. The process was quite
embarrassing, with Miranda rushing into the bathroom and a blushing Zendaya.
The treatment was a success, curing Miranda of her annoying illness. She promised to
write a flawless article endorsing and promoting the benefits of traditional medicine.
Not wanting to stay arty longer, Alex took his leave.
“It’s getting late, I’m leaving too,” said Zendaya.
They then left The Hilton together. Unbeknownst to them, however, a paparazzo was
busy capturing photos of them walking out the hotel lobby in close proximity.
Emma Ass*x sat intimately with a man over at the office of South Cali Structures. The
man was Ethan Hawk, son of Thomas Hawk and owner of South Cali Structures.
Thomas was in a meeting at that time while they waited outside.
With Ethan, Emma was confident that she would seal the deal.
The more she thought of how she could finally crush Dorothy’s company after the deal
was secured, the more excited she became. Wanting to please Ethan as much as she
could, she even placed her thigh on his lap. Right at that moment, Dorothy and Alex
“Why are you here?” Emma’s expression darkened.


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