The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 43

During the Ass*xes’ annual celebration, Spark was incredibly shocked that Lord Lex Gunther from Thousand Miles Conglomerate had stood up for Alex. He couldn’t understand why Lord Lex would ever help a useless piece of shit like Alex.
If Lex ever wanted to beat up his grandfather, Bill Rockefeller, all Spark would be able to do was watch. He wouldn’t ever dare to show any signs of vengeance.
That would mean that he wouldn’t be able to seek revenge on Alex for breaking his arm.
Besides, Rockefeller Group was still worried about Thousand Miles Conglomerate seeking vengeance against them as well.
However, he later found out that Lex owed William a favor. Now that he paid back the favor, he no longer owed the Rockefellers anything. Moreover, Alex had tried calling Lex once, yet he ended up being yelled at and threatened.
Spark had nothing to fear then!
So, he immediately hired some people to deal with Alex.
Ring ring ring…
At that moment, a young model was massaging Spark in a club. When Spark received Scarface’s call, his eyes lit up.
“So, has he been dealt with yet?”
“Yes, Mr. Rockefeller! We’ve captured the brat, and a beauty too! She’s really quite the looker. This is the very first time I’ve seen such a beauty!”
Spark froze. “You guys captured Dorothy?”
Scarface nodded, “Yeah, yeah! I think her name was Dorothy.”
Spark was very much infatuated with Dorothy so he yelled into the phone, “Do not lay a finger on that woman! She’s mine! Where are you guys? I’ll head over right now… Remember, do not lay a finger on her. I’ll hand you another two million as soon as I arrive.”
After hanging up the call, Spark pushed the young model away.
Compared to Dorothy, the young model was mere trash.
“Oh Dorothy, I didn’t want to make a move on you so soon. You walked right into this, this must be fate!”
Knowing that he was going to have s*xual intercourse with Dorothy, he rushed to where Scarface was. He even decided to take a pill.
“Here I come, sister-in-law!’
However, he was shocked when he arrived at their meeting place.
There wasn’t any sister-in-law around!
In the rundown house, Scarface and the underlings were all kneeling down in a neat row. All of them were slapping themselves hard across their own faces.
Alex, on the other hand, was cockily sitting on a shelf, looking down at them.
Spark became terrified by what he saw and tried to make a run for it.
However, there was no way that he could outrun Alex. In just a few moments, Spark was captured.
“A-Alex, what are you doing? You can’t do this!”
Alex immediately slapped him across the face.
“What do you mean? Why can’t I do anything to you? Who set the rules, huh?”
Another four slaps followed. Spark felt as if his head was spinning.
He roared in anger, “Slap me again and I’ll make you regret it!”
“Why can’t I slap you?”
“See if I’ll regret this!”
“Who’s regretting now, huh?”
Smack, smack, SMACK!
Spark started noticing that his face was becoming numb from all the slaps. It was as if he had been electric shocked. He thought that he was going to die from all this beating. So, he decided to stop being stubborn and begged for mercy. “Please Bro, please stop slapping me! I’ll admit it, I was wrong! I’m sorry, please just stop! It hurts!”
Alex slapped again. “Who’s your bro, huh? What were you doing back then? Admit your faults! Your father is trying to take away my inheritance, and you want to take my wife away! Do you really think I, Alex Rockefeller, am some kind of weakling?”
Alex then grabbed Spark by his neck and lifted him up. Alex stared straight into his eyes. “No one can take anything from me as long as it’s mine. I will take everything back with my own two hands.
“Go back and tell your dad, what goes around comes around. Karma would soon befall him. The truth will soon prevail,” Alex continued.
After that, Alex punched Spark right in the gut.


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