The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 44

The punch was filled with a strong flow of Chi. It would damage Spark’s reproductive organs over time and in just a month, he would lose his ability to engage in s*xual intercourse completely.
Alex left the rundown house and met up with Cheryl, who was waiting in the restaurant. They were going to have lunch together.
Before dealing with Spark, Alex had asked Cheryl to order some food and wait for him.
As he watched Alex walk away, Spark chided Scarface, “F*ck! Scarface, you scammer! I agreed to pay you so much money, and you’re trying to scam me? Didn’t you say you were the best fighter in Teal Street? How are you the best if you can’t even deal with a mere boy toy?”
With a fractured shin, Scarface was just as angry. “How dare you f*cking scold me? You said he was a weakling! But he was strong and his movements were swift too. He could tear you into pieces with one arm! You know what? I, Scarface, wouldn’t just leave it this way. My big sister will be back in two days. We’ll deal with that brat then!”
At the same time, Beatrice had arrived at the Ass*x mansion. She didn’t have any classes in the evening, so she came home earlier than usual.
However, she noticed that her mother was mumbling to herself. Claire was mentioning names like ‘useless piece of shit’, ‘trash’, and ‘ingrate’.
Beatrice took off her shoes and asked, “Mom, who are you muttering about? Didn’t you kick out that Rockefeller idiot? Did he come to beg you to take him back?”
Beatrice looked around the house, ready to kick Alex out again.
“No!” Claire huffed. “That idiot is doing pretty well now, he hooked up with the granddaughter of the legendary doctor of California. I even got slapped at Ganoderma because of him! I’m just so annoyed!”
“What? That useless piece of sh*t slapped you? I’ll rip him apart!”
“No, he wasn’t the one who slapped me. It was one of the female patients there. I scolded the granddaughter and got slapped… I wasn’t angry because of the slap. I was mad that that ingrate hooked up with another woman. That was why he agreed to move out and live with her.”
Beatrice gave her mother a thumbs up as soon as she heard that Claire had scolded the granddaughter of the legendary doctor of California.
“You’re amazing, Mom! You scolded that b*tch just as you should! Besides, isn’t this a good thing? If Sis knew about this, she would finally give up on him, and we’ll be able to get him out of our lives once and for all! Come on, don’t be mad. Let’s just have dinner, I’m so hungry.”
Claire had already prepared dinner, everything was served on the table.
“Ah! Bleh!” Beatrice spat out a mouthful of aubergine. “Mom, what is this? Are you trying to poison me?”
She then tried to wash it down with some soup. However she spat that out as well, spitting it all over Claire’s face, “Mom, is this medicine or soup? Why is it so bitter? Do you even know how to cook? This is disgusting compared to what that ingrate can do!”
“Oh whatever, let’s just order takeout!”
Suddenly, Beatrice’s voice echoed through the house again, “Ugh, Mom! How could you? My white clothes are all stained black! Did you even separate the dark and light colors?”
“What? Where?”
“Oh god, I think kicking out that ingrate was a mistake. Mom, please hire a maid, our house will end up in ruins if we don’t!”
Suddenly, the doorbell chimed.
“Who are you looking for?” The two opened the door. A man and a woman, along with a little girl, were standing at their door.
They were the Carter family. Their daughter was the one who had almost choked to death from a piece of mountain hawthorn at Ganoderma.
Charles had explained everything to his wife, Hailey Lawson.
Hailey broke into cold sweat out of fear. Alex had revived his daughter and gave Dr. Coney the acupuncture method for free, which was why the legendary doctor of California knelt down to him. So, Hailey felt like she should thank Alex personally and reward him greatly.
Charles smiled and asked, “May I ask, is the young doctor Rockefeller around?”
Beatrice pouted, “What young doctor Rockefeller? You’re at the wrong place.”
“Huh? Wait, is this not Dorothy Ass*x’s house? We’re looking for Alex Rockefeller, the young doctor.”
“Alex is just a useless piece of sh*t. When did he become some kind of young doctor? You’re joking right? And no, he’s not here, that Rockefeller ingrate has been kicked out of this house! Our daughter divorced him! If you’d like to find him, go look under a bridge or something!”
“What?” Charles was shocked. “Who are you? How dare you call the legendary young doctor useless?”
Beatrice replied, “What else is he? You guys must have been fooled. You should cut ties with him.”
Just then, Claire recognized Charles and the little girl. She was surprised. “Weren’t you just at Ganoderma? Dr. Coney saved your daughter, right? Why are you looking for that useless ingrate?”
Charles’s expression darkened as the two continued insulting him.
This whole family was insulting Alex over and over again. How did he even survive living in this household?
He said coldly, “My daughter wasn’t saved by Dr. Coney, she was saved by Alex! We came here just to thank him personally, and we’d like to give him a mansion and some pocket change. I didn’t expect that the young doctor had been kicked out by you. So, please excuse us!”
After that, the family of three turned around and left in their luxurious car, driving off in a hurry.
Claire and Beatrice turned to each other, both filled with disbelief.


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