The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 45

“Papa, why did they call Uncle Alex useless? He isn’t!” The little girl, Zoey Carter, pouted angrily.
She was almost six years old so she was growing to be more thoughtful.
She was able to escape death that afternoon all thanks to Alex. When she was still in her spirit state, all she felt was loneliness and coldness. Alex was like a campfire in the winter, keeping her warm, which was why it left a strong impression on her.
Charles replied, “They don’t know what they’re saying.”
Hailey added, “Let’s help him out in some way, rather than babble on about those two. Let’s see, how do we find him… I heard after William’s accident, his wife became vegetative, she’s been in the hospital ever since.”
Charles said, “Let’s go to the main city to find Cheryl.”
Just then, Alex and Cheryl went back to the hospital.
Alex was going to help his mother discharge from the hospital. However, Cheryl felt like Brittany should stay for another few days just in case.
Alex smiled, “There’s no need for that. I’m more familiar with my mom’s condition than you.”
Annoyed, Cheryl bit her lower lip and glared at him, “I’m her primary physician, how could I not be familiar with her condition?”
Alex was slightly flustered by the look that she was giving him. He waved dismissively, “But it’s the truth. You’re not necessarily more familiar with her condition just because you’re her primary physician. I mean, how about this? I know you frequently have period cramps, but you don’t know how to deal with it, don’t you?”
Cheryl was extremely embarrassed as her face flushed into a bright shade of pink.
She did indeed have period cramps, even now.
“How did you know about that?”
“I smelled it.” Alex touched his nose and stared at the area in between her thighs.
“You… pervert!” Cheryl was so embarrassed that she picked up a file and flung it towards Alex.
However, Alex dodged her attack easily, “I can help you with it.”
“I don’t need your help!”
Suddenly, Charles and his family came to the hospital.
Noticing Alex, Charles jogged over and grabbed Alex’s hand, “Dr. Rockefeller, I’m so glad that I found you!”
Alex was slightly taken aback by his friendly gesture.
Realizing what the family was here for, Alex smiled, “Oh don’t sweat it Mr. Carter, it’s not a big deal, you don’t have to thank me.”
Hailey spoke up, “It may not be a big deal for you, Mr. Rockefeller. But you saved our whole family! If anything happened to my daughter, we would never be able to feel happiness in our lives. So, here’s a little gift, please accept it! You’d be looking down on us if you don’t!”
Alex was in a difficult position and still slightly taken aback by their friendly gestures. Suddenly, Zoey hugged Alex’s thigh and said, “Mister, two meanies were bad-mouthing you! They said you were divorced too. When Zoey grows up, Zoey will marry Mister, okay?”
The young child’s innocent words lightened the atmosphere and everyone laughed cheerily.
Hailey grabbed Alex’s hand and shoved a document bag at him, smiling, “So it’s settled! Just have this little gift! Who knows? We might have to trouble you again someday!”
Hailey was still fairly youthful, around the age of 27. She was beautiful and charming with a great fashion sense as well. She looked mature and alluring as she reached the peak of her blossoming youth and beauty.
However, with just a gentle touch, Alex could tell that something was wrong.
“Mrs. Carter, have you been experiencing insomnia lately? Do you frequently sleepwalk and have nightmares? Do you feel extremely tired out?”
Hailey froze, then nodded profusely, “Yeah, yeah! I don’t even know what’s wrong with me! I just keep having nightmares, and…”
Just then, Hailey let her words trail off, her face flushed.
Charles was surprised. “Oh my dear, why didn’t you tell me? And sleepwalking too! Are you ill?”
Hailey’s expression turned odd as she replied, “It only started a few days ago, they’re just dreams, no big deal.”
Cheryl spoke up, “Can I try feeling your pulse?”
Hailey smiled. “Oh of course! Young Dr. Coney is pretty famous in the medical field too.”
She then showed her fair wrist to Cheryl.
After around half a minute, Cheryl narrowed her eyes, “That’s weird, this pulsing pattern… how did you notice it?”
She asked Alex but he just smiled and kept silent.
Hailey wasn’t ill. There was just an evil entity following her around.
He immediately sensed its presence upon touching her hand.
Moreover, Hailey’s cheeks were abnormally flushed; her eyes were red; and she had dark circles under her eyes. Besides, Hailey seemed to not want to talk about her dreams earlier. The entity must be quite powerful now, torturing her in her dreams.
Hailey was slightly shaken up. “Alex, is this bad?”
Alex replied, “Not really, I’ll help you get rid of it completely.”
He then pointed towards the stool at the side, “Please sit here, Mrs. Carter.”
Hailey smiled and said, “Oh you don’t have to call me Mrs. Carter, you can call me Lawson. Or if you don’t mind, you can call me by my first name, Hailey.”
It was obvious that Hailey was trying to grow closer to Alex.
Alex didn’t put much thought into it, “Okay then, sit here, Hailey. I’ll massage your head a little.”
Cheryl thought, ‘Is he going to use the Thirteen Acupunctures of Hell again? Does this method work on everything?’
Her eyes were fixated on them, focusing mainly on Alex’s movements.
However, Alex didn’t use the Thirteen Acupunctures of Hell on Hailey. Instead, he used the Bahiskara Acupuncture from the ghost doctor series in the Ultimate Book of Medicine. There were seven acupuncture points in it.
With just seven points, the entity will vanish from her body.
Hailey was dressed stylishly in a white blouse and tight jeans. Her skin was pale and smooth as well. Sitting down on the stool, she looked extremely stunning and elegant.
However, Alex was standing right in front of her. Staring down at her from such a high angle, his eyes couldn’t help but wander.


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