The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 46

Hailey was gorgeous and curvy; she looked like a beautiful painting.
Alex immediately closed his eyes, forcing himself to not look or think about it. He tried remembering Claire’s twisted face as she yelled at him. This helped him calm himself down from the impure thoughts he had just a while ago.
Within a minute, all seven acupuncture points had been pressed on
The electric Chi needle only required seven seconds to take effect.
After seven seconds, Alex asked, “Okay, I’m done Hailey. How do you feel?”
Hailey rubbed her temples and exclaimed, “Oh my god, my head doesn’t hurt anymore! My temples used to hurt so badly before. Oh kiddo, you’re absolutely amazing! If I fall ill again someday, I’ll come to you!”
While talking, Hailey swayed her body side to side, causing her chest to jiggle slightly as well.
Huh, in just a few minutes, Alex went from being called Dr. Rockefeller to Alex, and now kiddo.
Their relationship seemed to be getting more casual with each change in nickname.
“Mister, can you massage my head as well? I get headaches all the time too!” Zoey asked innocently as she looked up at Alex with her big doe-like eyes.
“You get headaches too?”
“Yeah!” She cupped her face with her tiny hands, “Whenever Mom tells me to play piano, I get headaches!”
They all laughed at Zoey’s words.
With that, the Carter family left Alex with the document bag. But before leaving the hospital, Hailey exchanged numbers with Alex.
Cheryl, on the other hand, couldn’t hold in her curiosity any longer. “What was wrong with Lawson? You were using a different acupuncture method on her, and that wasn’t the Thirteen Acupunctures of Hell. What was that?”
Alex replied dismissively, “You wouldn’t understand it even if I told you.”
“You… you’re so petty!” Cheryl pouted. Alex thought that her angry expression looked quite adorable.
Still staring at her, Alex smiled. “When you’ve learned the Thirteen Acupunctures of Hell, come see me again. I’ll teach you this one next.”
“Deal. Pinky promise?” She said as she reached out her pinky to him.
Alex held in a chuckle. “Pinky promise? Alright then, pinky promise.”
After sealing their promise, Alex opened the document bag and found two cards laying inside. One was a bank card while the other was black and thicker. There was an engraving on one side as well—‘Maple Villa’.
Cheryl was shocked. “This is the keycard from Maple Villa! Hailey gave you one of the villas there, what a gift!”
Alex knew about it as well: Maple Villa was a small area filled with grand villas and considered one of the top ten upscale areas in California. The starting price for these villas was at least 80 thousand dollars. So this villa would be easily over 100 million dollars, and he didn’t even know how much money was in the bank card either.
Alex’s family was extremely wealthy, and this was just merely pocket change to him. However, Alex shook his head and said, “This gift is too much.”
Cheryl smiled. “Oh don’t say that! Waylon Realty is very successful and Maple Villa is one of the Carter family’s properties as well. Giving a property as a gift is probably not that big of a deal to them. Besides, Lawson seemed pretty set on befriending you, you legendary doctor. You won’t be able to refuse this offer now.”
Suddenly, a tall chubby man came into the hospital.
“Alex, Alex! I heard that Madame Brittany woke up?”
“Oh, Nicholas. You caught on with the news pretty quickly.” Alex smiled.
The man was Nicholas Hudson, Alex’s high school classmate. He also used to be one of his lackeys.
Before the accident, Alex used to have quite a large group of lackeys. However, all of them stopped following him after the accident. Some even started insulting and making fun of him, as if degrading him would elevate their own status.
Nicholas was different from the others. He contacted Alex frequently despite Alex’s situation. He was indeed a good man.
However, he didn’t have a wealthy or powerful background. He relied on compensations to survive. He would move to multiple different areas, and earned millions of compensations from companies who were trying to take over the property he was living in.
Nicholas would visit Brittany every now and then, so he knew Cheryl as well.
His chubby face was plastered with a bright smile. “Oh hello, Dr. Coney!”
He then turned to Alex. “I befriended a nurse here and exchanged numbers with her. She was the one who informed me.”
Seeing that Alex had company, Cheryl made small talk with them and excused herself.


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