The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 47

Nicholas ran into Brittany’s ward and said, “Madame Brittany, you’re really awake! What a relief…”
“Oh it’s you, Nicholas!”
They made small talk, catching up with each other.
Alex said, “You came here at just the right time. I’m going to help my mom get discharged from the hospital. Would you please help me get the necessary paperwork?”
Nicholas pulled him aside. “Alex, when Madame Brittany is discharged, where would you guys go? Are you going to bring her to the Asse mansion?”
Nicholas knew exactly how cruel the Ass*xes had been to Alex.
Alex pondered and replied, “We might stay in a hotel first. I’ll buy a proper place later.”
Nicholas’s eyes widened, “You have the money to buy one?”
Alex fake coughed and lied, “My mom does!”
With this explanation, Nicholas bought his lie completely.
After all, Brittany used to be the CEO of Rockefeller Group, and everyone knew her as a strong and independent woman. Even if she were to be stingy with her wealth, her pocket change would still be much more than what normal people could earn.
However, Nicholas added, “I think you guys should stay in a hotel. Just come to my place! My family doesn’t have much, but we have multiple properties. There’s an empty one as of now, you can move in anytime you’d like!”
After discharging his mother from the hospital, Alex bid Cheryl goodbye.
Knowing that they were going to stay at Nicholas’s place, Brittany didn’t question anything.
She had heard about her son’s experiences with the Ass*xes after waking up. She was extremely angry about it, but she stayed silent.
In an hour, they reached the place riding Nicholas’s car.
The building was 18 floors tall, and the apartment was on the 9th. It was around 150 square miles, a very ideal home. Alex furrowed his eyebrows upon seeing the interior of the apartment.
It wasn’t because it was too rundown, but on the contrary—it just looked absolutely amazing.
The interior design was extraordinary. It had everything that they needed as well. Nicholas was right, anyone could just move in.
“Nicholas, are all the units your family rents out well furnished like this too?”
Nicholas chuckled, “Alex, you probably just didn’t know that most rented apartments are well furnished. Who would want to rent them if they weren’t?”
Alex didn’t question any further. He just thought the apartment was a little too well furnished.
After checking the apartment out, Alex headed downstairs to get their luggage.
Suddenly, a woman’s voice echoed from the entrance, “Nicholas Hudson, are you out of your mind? You’re letting these people stay in your wedding apartment? Who are they to you?”
Alex turned around and saw a group of people walking in. The one yelling was a young woman. She looked infuriated with narrowed eyes.
Nicholas’s lower lip was trembling, “Sis, Brother-in-Law, you- why are you guys here?”
The ones who had barged in were Nicholas’s sister and her husband, Merida Hudson and Sean Wellington. Following behind them were Nicholas’s parents.
The father approached Nicholas and slapped him across the face, scolding, “You twat! Who gave you permission to do this? I bought this so that you’d have a place to move in with your significant other after getting married! Do you even want to marry? How could you let someone stay here this easily? I’ll cut ties with you if you dare let them stay!”
“Dad, Alex is my close friend.”
“Bullsh*t! If you really were friends, he wouldn’t be staying in your wedding apartment.”
Alex felt a little awkward. He really didn’t expect Nicholas to offer his wedding apartment for the both of them to stay in.
“Please don’t be mad, Mr. Hudson. We’re not staying here. In fact, we already have somewhere else. We just wanted to check out Nicholas’s apartment.” Alex explained.
“Pfft, don’t you dare lie to me. Patty from downstairs called just to inform me that my brother was going to let you guys stay here! Besides, you claim that you have somewhere else to stay. So, where is that then, huh?” Merida yelled, visibly annoyed.
Alex sighed, “I really do have a place to stay. It’s at Maple Villa. Look, I have the keycard.”
Sean looked at the keycard and realized that the number 8 was engraved into it.
He smirked coldly. “You’re such a liar. Really? Maple Villa? This keycard is obviously a fake!”
Merida turned to Sean and asked, “How do you know that, babe?”
Sean cockily looked down on Alex and explained, “My company did the furnishing for every property in Maple Villa. Everyone knows that the 8th Villa is a gift from the owner of Maple Villa, Mr. Carter, to his wife. There’s no way it’s yours.”


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