The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 48

Merida cackled and pinched Nicholas’s ear. “Listen to your brother-in-law, you naive child. What kind of people are you even befriending now? Do you know how expensive the villas are in Maple Villa? Your brother-in-law wouldn’t even be able to afford one in a million years!”
“Trying to trick us with a fake keycard? You are absolutely ridiculous!”
Alex was speechless. He didn’t want his mother to face any insults. She had only just been discharged from the hospital. He turned to Nicholas. “Nicholas, you can talk it out with your family. We’ll be off.”
Nicholas asked, “Off to where?”
Merida smirked and joked, “Where? They’re definitely going to Maple Villa and stay in some grand villa of course! Why would they stay in such a rundown place, right? Will they even get used to such poverty?”
Sean laughed at them too, treating them like clowns in a circus.
Alex replied, “My keycard is real. Mr. Carter gave it to me just a while ago. Nicholas, it’s alright, I know how much you care about me. I’ll be off with my mom now.”
He then helped Brittany out of the apartment.
During the whole conversation, Brittany did not say a single word and watched her son navigate the whole situation. He was calm and collected, handling the situation maturely. Brittany was very glad that he handled it so well.
Nicholas suggested, “I’ll drive you guys there.”
The luggage was still in the car after all.
Sean continued to make fun of them, “Does he really think he’s some hotshot? As if Mr. Carter would ever give him his villa. Babe, we should follow them and uncover his lies, just to prevent your brother from getting scammed.”
“You’re right.”
Nicholas then drove towards Maple Villa. He even confirmed the destination with Alex multiple times on the way.
Sean, Merida, and the others followed behind.
“My family is following us too.”
“I don’t mind!” Alex said. He initially intended to return the keycard to Charles. However, he changed his mind and wanted to buy the house instead.
At the entrance security of Maple Villa, the keycard gave Nicholas’ car access immediately. However, Sean’s car was stopped by security. He then explained to the guards, “We’re together, relatives.”
On the inside, Sean was extremely shocked. He thought to himself, ‘Is the keycard actually real?’
Merida huffed, “Babe, didn’t you drive my brother’s car to work here? Maybe the system registered his car, so he could go in. Ours is new, so we can’t get in.”
Sean slapped his thigh out of realization, “Oh yeah, how could I forget?”
Merida added, “Let’s see how they will face us once they find out that they can’t access the property! These poor and cunning people don’t have the right to hang out with my brother.”
They reached the property of the 8th villa.
Sean was the first one to get out of the car. He pointed at the villa smugly and said, “This is number 8, I’ll see what tricks you can pull. If you really do have access to this villa, I’ll eat all of the grass in this garden!”
Alex helped Brittany out of the car and glared at him, “Sure! If you don’t keep your promise, then you’re nothing more than a warthog-faced buffoon.”
Alex then took the keycard out of his pocket and swiped it on the card reader.
With a small beep, the door opened automatically.
Sean froze. He was hoping to watch Alex humiliate himself in front of them. Merida and her parents, who were standing behind Sean, stared in disbelief as well.
“Remember to keep your promise. Eat the whole garden up, all but the flowers.” Alex left them a reminder and helped Brittany into the villa.
“There’s no way, no way!”
“Number 8 was a gift from Mr. Carter to his wife! The furnishing was unique and personalised; it’s exceptionally grand and luxurious. How did you even get that keycard?
“You must’ve found this keycard somewhere!” Sean yelled. He just couldn’t believe it at all and he definitely didn’t want to eat the grass.
Merida added, “He might’ve stolen it! Babe, don’t you know Manager Miles from Waylon Realty? Call him and ask about this! If we managed to catch a thief, you would be rewarded! It’ll be much easier for you to get more projects to work on in Waylon!”
Sean nodded and pulled out his phone, about to make a call. Someone jogged up to the villa entrance. It was Charles Carter.
Sean was overjoyed, he immediately greeted Charles, “Mr. Carter, I’m Sean from Mobila Furnishing. Has your keycard been stolen? Look, the thief is over there! He even intends to live in your villa. He’s got some balls to steal your villa, I’ll give him that.”
Charles turned to look at Alex and Brittany, visibly puzzled.
“You’re saying that he’s a thief?”
“Yeah, he stole the keycard to Number 8.”
“What the f*ck do you mean stole it?” Charles yelled as he slapped Sean across the face. “Alex is my wife’s godbrother. Number 8 is indeed his, and you’re calling him a thief? Are you looking for a death wish? Scram!”


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