The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 49

Charles just witnessed Alex save his daughter and cure his wife’s illness. Dr. Coney even knelt down to Alex! He could only dream to befriend such a powerful person, and yet this Sean guy was trying to destroy his chances.
Both Sean and Merida were shocked to their core.
Just then, Charles added, “Mobila Furnishing, huh? Your CEO, Mr. Edward, wanted to invite me to dinner earlier. Tell him that I have to refuse his offer and I’d like to cancel our partnership completely.”
“Ah!” Sean was terrified; the color immediately drained from his face.
He was the manager of Mobila Furnishing, but Mr. Edward was the CEO, the director of the company. If Mr. Edward was to find out about this, there was no way that he’d be let off easy!
Being fired was the lightest punishment Sean could get.
With a loud thud, Sean dropped his knees to the ground.
“Mr. Carter, Mr. Carter, please spare me! I was wrong, I didn’t know any better. Please spare me, I… I’ll slap myself now.”
With that, Sean slapped himself hard on the face multiple times.
Merida’s face was pale as she was obviously terrified as well. They still had to pay off the loans of their new property and car. If Sean were to lose his job now, all of this would be all for naught.
She immediately started pleading with Alex, and asked Nicholas to help plead as well.
Alex then spoke up. “Charles, it’s fine, just forget it. This guy is my friend’s brother-in-law. He’s always looking down on others, and maybe just a little mental.”
Since Alex spoke up, Charles immediately agreed to let Sean off easy.
Sean and his family didn’t dare to stay any longer. They immediately thanked Alex and bid their goodbyes.
Suddenly, Brittany spoke up. “Don’t forget to finish the grass in the garden.”
Brittany used to be the wife of the CEO of a company that was worth 300 billion, she was a strong and independent woman herself as well. Although she didn’t speak up earlier, she still had opinions. Sean and Merida had constantly insulted her darling little son, so how could she just sit back and watch?
Upon hearing her words, Sean gulped bitterly. Yet all he could do was nod profusely.
Sean then walked to the door and started eating the grass in the garden.
“He’s…” Charles was slightly taken aback.
Alex replied dismissively, “Let him be. A little punishment would help him learn his lesson.”
Just then, Hailey and Zoey came by the villa as well. It seemed that their family was living next door in Number 9.
Hailey had put a lot of thought into giving him the villa.
Who wouldn’t want a legendary doctor living next to them?
Zoey hugged Alex by his thighs whereas Hailey made small talk with Brittany.
On the other hand, Nicholas felt extremely awkward, so he bid Alex farewell.
Alex walked him to the door and said, “Nicholas, we’re homies, you get what I mean? If you ever need anything, you can always count on me.”
Hailey then invited Alex and his mother to have dinner at their place. Alex just couldn’t refuse their offer. Hailey was too friendly and hospitable.
During their meetup, Alex tried to return the bank card to Charles. However, Charles insisted on giving it to Alex, saying that Alex would be looking down on him if he returned it.
Alex couldn’t do anything else but hold onto the card.
They proceeded with dinner as both families had a thoroughly amazing time.
In Number 8, Alex gave Brittany another massage as they finally had time to have a long talk with each other.
Brittany’s was full of mixed emotions. “My son, this past year must’ve been so hard on you!
“I’d like to visit your father’s grave tomorrow.”
Alex nodded. “I’ll have to buy a car first.”
Alex went to a BMW dealership store in California the next morning.
However, just as he entered the store, he bumped into Beatrice.
Beatrice was with her clique. When she saw Alex, she approached him with a smug smirk. “Heh, Rockefeller. What’s a useless piece of sh*t like you doing here? Are you trying to look for a job?”


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