The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 5

Alex returned to the Ass*x family’s villa as if he were a walking dead. Even though it was called a villa, it was just an unremarkable little house. After demolishing the old family home, a three-story building was built from the ground up. It was a far cry from a real villa.
Alex looked up and saw that the light in Dorothy’s room was on. ‘Is Dorothy at home?’ Alex wondered to himself. ‘She’s not with Spark after all?’ At that moment of realization, it was as if a huge burden was lifted from his chest. He saw hope and realized Madame Claire’s words could not be trusted. She was deceitful. She liked to make things up just to fulfill the fantasies in her head.
Alex rushed through the doors into the villa. He saw Madame Claire in the living room, video calling someone while applying nail polish on her toes with her feet up in the air. She was humming happily.
Alex felt overwhelmed, knowing that Madame Claire was thrilled that her daughter was going to get remarried. She had forgotten all about the threats from Gaston Gates.
Upon seeing Alex, Madame Claire jumped out of the couch and said, “Who let this person in? You still dare to come back here? You are going to get divorced from Dorothy tomorrow. Get out!”
Alex ignored her comments and quickly rushed up the stairs. He wanted to make sure that Dorothy was in her room. He was determined not to lose her. Alex tried to open the door, but it was locked. He knocked hard on the door and begged, “Dorothy, please open the door. I know that you’re in there. I have something important to tell you.”
Madame Claire followed Alex up with her bare feet and yelled, “You garbage of a person, get out of our house. Who gave you permission to come up here? You think you have the right to be here?”
“I must see Dorothy,” Alex said with a firm voice.
“Did I not tell you that she went to spend the night with Spark? Maybe she’ll be pregnant with his child. Stop being a burden to my daughter and our family. If you stop my daughter from marrying Spark, I will hit you!” Madame Claire said.
Alex grunted.
If his snobbish mother-in-law knew now that he had ten billion dollars in the bank and a trillion dollars empire, how would she feel? However, he decided it was not the right time to reveal it to her. In time, he would let her know of his newfound wealth and influence!
Suddenly, the door to Dorothy’s room swung open. Dorothy was at the door and said, “Mom, can you watch your mouth? Even if you have no shame, I do! Who is spending the night with Spark? I’m not divorced yet. If word spreads, how can I face anyone?” As she spoke, Dorothy slowly came out of the room. She looked at Alex without showing any emotions on her face.
Madame Claire quickly interjected as she saw Dorothy became unsettled, “I’m just telling him so that he would give up and never bother us again.”
Alex was relieved to know that he was not too late. With a smile on his face, he assured Dorothy, “Darling, I’m so glad that you did not spend the night with Spark.” He was filled with hope. He felt like a brand-new person, who had the power to protect those that he loved.
Alex thought to himself, ‘My darling Dorothy! You’ve never given up on me and endured so much for me over the past ten months. You can depend on me for the rest of our lives.’
Not understanding the meaning behind Alex’s smile, Dorothy felt disappointed and angry. How could he be smiling after what had transpired? Had he really lost his mind?!
She angrily said, “What are you smiling about? Even if I’m not with him today, I might be tomorrow. Are you happy about that?”
The expression on Alex’s face changed immediately. He shook his head and said, “No, that’s not what I mean. I just want to let you know that I’m not who I used to be! I admit that I had lost myself for the past ten months. Right now, I need to apologize and also thank you for not giving up on me. Finally, I can stand on my own two feet, I can protect you. That Gaston from Thousand Miles Conglomerate is nothing in front of me. I will avenge you. From now on, nobody will harass you…”
Just as Alex was speaking enthusiastically, Madame Claire slapped him across his face. “Are you hallucinating?” asked Madame Claire, “Are you brain dead? You must have gone insane. Why don’t you just tell us that you own Thousand Miles Conglomerate? Get out of our home now before you spread your craziness around here!”
Alex glared at Madame Claire. He wanted to tell her that he truly was the owner of Thousand Miles Conglomerate so badly. However, even if he said it, no one would believe him, just as Dorothy thought he was crazy when he told her he had ten billion dollars. It was indeed difficult for anyone, even himself, to believe it was true.
He took a deep breath and said, “Dorothy, just give me one day. Trust me. I can take care of everything. I… I found an old friend of my father who is willing to help me. The half a million dollars that you gave me, is it from Spark? I am going to repay him right now.”
Alex turned around and wanted to go look for Spark after finishing his sentence.
“Hold on!” Dorothy said, “Don’t go!”
Alex answered, “Dorothy, I’m begging you, just trust me this once. Don’t agree to Spark’s proposal. One day is all I need. Let me prove it to you! If I fail, I would agree to a divorce! I do not need the half a million dollars from Spark.”
Dorothy just looked at him stoically. She felt like he was a different person. She sighed and said, “ I did not take the money from Spark. I sold off my wedding ring for the money.”
“What did you say?” Alex almost was about to faint as he learned that Dorothy had sold off the wedding ring the both of them had picked together, but was relieved knowing that the money was not Spark’s and asked, “Who did you sell it to? I’m going to buy it back right now.”
Dorothy shook her head and said, “I sold it for half a million dollars, but if you want to buy it back, it may cost more than a million dollars. Even if you did not use the money for your mother’s medical bills, there’s no way you can afford to buy it back. Maybe our life and marriage are destined to end. Please wake up Alex, stop dreaming! I hope you can live well without me.”
As Dorothy finished her sentence, she turned around and slammed the door. Tears were running down her cheeks.
Alex said, “No, I won’t allow that to happen. Who did you sell it to? I will buy it back right away! Even if it costs me a hundred million dollars, I would still buy it. Don’t worry, I will not let our marriage end.”
“L.G. Balfour!” Dorothy replied from behind the door.
“Okay! You have to wait for me!” Alex exclaimed excitedly.
Dorothy shook her head and thought to herself, “This man must have gone mad. He really thinks that he has the hundred million dollars?”
Madame Claire chased Alex out of their home. “Rockefeller, I’m telling you right now, you are getting a divorce with Dorothy tomorrow!” If you dare to interfere with Dorothy marrying Spark, I will come after you!”
Alex took a deep breath and quickly rushed to L.G. Balfour.
L.G. Balfour was the premier jewelry store in California. There’s only one store in California, so it was easy to locate.
It’s already half-past eight as Alex reached the store. Luckily the store had not closed as there were quite a few customers still browsing inside.
The store was enormous, with a total of three storeys. They were stocked to the brim with all kinds of expensive and exclusive jewelry. It was difficult to estimate the total value of all their goods. The security measurements in the store were absolutely top-notch.
Alex wanted to look for a store assistant, but he ran into a familiar face. It was the nurse from the hospital—his ex-girlfriend, Chloe. Chloe was taken aback when she saw him and immediately walked towards him and said in a playful tone, “My my, did I step on dog poop today? Why does my luck have to be so terrible to run into you again? What are you doing here? You cannot afford the jewelry here!”
Chloe was not in her nurse uniform and was wearing a tight dress that displayed her alluring figure. She was with an obese man in a suit and leather shoes, and she was hanging on him as if she were part of his body.
Alex replied, “It is none of your business!”
Chloe sneered, “Don’t forget what your wife had to do just to get the money for your mother’s surgery. Don’t tell me that you are using the money to buy a gift for her? You should just go home! This is not a place that welcomes a pauper like you.”
Alex angrily replied, “You cannot even begin to imagine how much money I have. Would you believe that I can buy this right now?” pointing at the necklace on the billboard, named Love in a Fallen City, with the price tag of thirty million dollars.
Chloe laughed out loud and said, “Are you daydreaming? If you can afford it, I will kneel down and lick your feet!”


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