The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 50

Beatrice and Claire had met the Carters yesterday.
Since Charles mentioned that he was going to give Alex a villa and ten million dollars, she was in disbelief the entire day. However, after putting some thought into it, she figured that Charles was just lying to trigger them.
Claire had even come to a conclusion that Alex didn’t like how he was kicked out, hence he asked Charles to help him out by stopping by their villa to trigger them.
She even came up with a reason as to why Charles was willing to help as well.
Alex hooked up with Cheryl after all. Since Dr. Coney saved Charles’ daughter, it wasn’t hard to ask him for help.
Alex was still nothing more than a useless piece of sh*t in the eyes of the Ass*xes.
Alex was somewhat surprised. “Why are you here?”
Beatrice huffed. “I’m here to buy a car. Why else would I be in a car dealership store? Do you think I’m as lowly as you to be here to find a job? By the way, do you think just any loser can work in a BMW dealership store? Are you sure you came to the right place? Are you sure you weren’t actually looking for a Nissan instead?”
“Beatrice, who is he? Don’t tell me, he’s that useless brother-in-law you keep complaining about?” A girl in a skirt snickered as she scanned Alex.
She was Mona Weiss, Beatrice’s university classmate.
They were in a group of four. The other two were guys. The one with a gold necklace was Wilson Jordan while the other in casual clothing was Sam Culver.
Beatrice clicked her tongue. “You’re right, it’s that useless loser. But mind your words, soon he won’t be my brother-in-law anymore. He’s such a loser that my family divorced him!”
“So he’s your ex-brother-in-law! Hey dude!” Wilson smiled. “To be frank, the job application requirements of this store really is hard to achieve. Any average person wouldn’t be able to get a job here. However, my brother is the manager, if you need some help with job applications, you just need to ask. An ex-brother-in-law was still once a brother-in-law, right?”
Beatrice huffed again. “What do you mean by that brother-in-law bullsh*t? I’ve never treated him like one. Why are you even helping him, Wilson?”
Expressionless, Alex said calmly, “Are you done? If you are, then get out of my way. I’m trying to buy a car here.”
‘What? Buy a car?’
The four were stunned. ‘Wasn’t he here to get a job?’
Beatrice was especially stunned and she became extremely annoyed by Alex’s cocky tone and expression. She clenched her fists and yelled, “Hey, you useless loser. Don’t you dare try to bluff your way out of this. Can you even afford any of the cars here?”
With a chilling gaze, Alex snapped. “And what does that have to do with you? Since you want to cut ties with me, I don’t owe you anything. And I definitely don’t need to endure your tantrums. Mind your business or I’ll put you in your place by force.”
Alex then barged his way through the group.
He walked straight into the hall and called for one of the fairly attractive female employees there. He pointed to one of the cars and said, “Hey you, I’d like this car, the red one; the best one. I’d like to take it on the road now, is that possible?”
The sales lady was fairly young and she seemed inexperienced.
She was puzzled by Alex’s requests. The car that Alex wanted was one of the luxurious BMW cars, an imported M8. The base price was easily over two million dollars.
If she successfully sold this car, she would earn thousands in commission.
After a brief pause, the sales lady rushed over and nodded profusely. “Ah yes, yes, that wouldn’t be a problem. I’ll run you through the process immediately. Would you like to apply for an installment or pay upfront?”
“Hold on.” Beatrice rushed over in disbelief. “You don’t have that kind of money. This thing costs two million dollars. What, do you think this costs just a mere 200?”
Alex was so fed up with her. “What’s it to you?”
Beatrice huffed. “I know everything about you. You even had to kneel before my mom just to get 500 thousand dollars, pleading her like the lowly pest that you are. Do you even have two million dollars?”
Lord Lex Gunther did send him a large sum of money to pay the favor back a few days ago. However, it was returned to him later on. So, Alex should still be a poor lowly person.
Beatrice then turned to the sales lady. “Don’t be fooled. I think he’s just trying to flirt with you.”
“Huh?” The sales lady was surprised and confused.
Maintaining a cold expression, Alex said, “What would you do if I could afford it?”
Beatrice glared at him cockily. “Keep bluffing, loser. If you really could afford it, I’ll call you Daddy a hundred times! If you can’t, you’d have to kneel before me and lick my shoes!”


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