The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 51

‘He does not deserve it; let me have it instead!’ thought Wilson Jordan.
Alex Rockefeller nodded. “One hundred times is a lot. I will let you off easy this time. Saying it once is enough.”
He then took out his bank card and gave it to the saleswoman. “Swipe away!”
Instantly, the saleslady got to work. The company had placed a lot of attention on selling a two million dollar car, thus making the transaction process easier. It was not long before the purchase went through.
The sound of a successful payment made.
The saleslady handed Alex his bankcard and various receipts in excitement. “This is yours, brother. Please keep them safe. I will get to it right away. Be back in a half-hour!”
Beatrice Ass*x was startled. “How…how.. .did you get so much money?”
Alex smirked. “Well, well, Beatrice Ass*x. Can I count on you to keep your promise, especially as the campus belle of California State University? Hm, I wonder what will happen if news about you breaking promises starts spreading around campus?
Beatrice had a reputation to keep. She briefly contemplated the severity of the consequence before calling out “daddy” in rage.
She then left immediately.
How could she stay after the embarrassment she had been put through?
Alex, Mona Weiss, and the rest looked at Alex with a strange expression before hurriedly going after Beatrice.
Half an hour later, Alex was in his BMW M8.
He slammed on the throttle and left the car dealership.
He had gone for this model because Madame Brittany Rockefeller, used to drive this car.
Beatrice and a few of her friends sat in their BMW 3-series parked right by the entrance and looked at Alex as he sped away in his brand new M8.
Beatrice punched the car window. “Damn it! The audacity! How dare he! I will get my revenge one day!”
“Beatrice, you mentioned he was a poor and homeless dude. Where did he get the cash to buy a luxury car?” asked Mona.
Beatrice snorted. “Recently, that jerk got together with the granddaughter of California’s Divine Doctor. She must have given him the money, that bitch!”
Figuring that he would be visiting his father’s grave, Alex took a detour to Gale Street, intending to buy a bouquet and fruits.
After taking a turn, a black Volkswagen came out of nowhere and rammed straight into the front of his minutes-old BMW.
The front of the car was now twisted out of shape. The brand spanking new car was instantly reduced into a pile of scrap metal.
The airbags that sprung out when the collision occurred almost sent Alex into a concussion. Fortunately, the Force was there to protect him.
The next instant, he became incessantly infuriated.
A brand new car, worth a whopping two million dollars, wrecked in less than half an hour after leaving the dealership. He did not get to warm up the seat yet.
Suddenly, a loud noise exploded from behind, as the car was rattled once again. The rear of the car had been smashed in.
“Damn it! This is no accident!”
Pushing open the door, he got out of the car.
It was then that a dozen people came out of those cars and surrounded his BMW. Among them, a bald guy looked at Alex in disbelief. “What luck you have!” he exclaimed. “No blood nor bruises whatsoever! Come with us; Princess Fleur wants to see you.”


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