The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 54

The lady’s heel smashed into Alex Rockefeller’s shoulder.
Yet, he seemed not at all affected.
As the Force engaged its self-defense measures, it almost dislocated her ankles.
The next moment, Alex grabbed hold of her feet and lifted her up.
It was a funny sight to behold.
The moment she leaped forward, she instantly regretted her decision. She totally forgot that she was wearing a dress. At that very moment, it was as embarrassing as it could get.
She fought back with all her might but faced Alex, a strong, undefeatable character; her actions were nothing but a scratch on the back for him. He grasped her waist and slammed her down on a table nearby.
A loud thud could be heard.
Fortunately, she shielded her face from the impact with her hands. Otherwise, that face of hers would be gone.
That being said, her chest hit the edge of the table hard upon impact, and she winced in pain.
Pushing her down, Alex gave her a mighty slap on the back. A loud crackle was heard, and a swollen bruise mark instantly appeared on the lady’s body.
“Princess Fleur, right? I just cannot fathom your audacity, ordering people to thrash my car!”
Another hard smack on her back followed the remark.
Princess Fleur, with tear-filled eyes, cried out in pain.
As one of the Three Great Chieftains of California’s underworld, she did not expect to suffer such humiliating defeat, particularly in front of all her subordinates.
She was extremely livid.
“I am not a smart person, so tell me what kind of escort services do you provide?”
The lady was inches away from going insane.
She twisted and turned, struggling to escape Alex’s grip. Unfortunately, he held her down tight, and there was nothing she could do.
All her subordinates were stupefied.
Who was this man? How could he do it?
The lady screamed, “Let me go, you jerk! Do you know who I am? If anything happens to me, be prepared to suffer the wrath of the Thousand Miles Conglomerate!”
“Thousand Miles Conglomerate?’
Alex was surprised. Did he come to their turf by accident?
His grip loosened.
Princess Fleur thought he was afraid. She rolled her eyes and smirked, “Scared? Let me go then!”
Alex snickered, “So what about the Thousand Miles Conglomerate, huh? I am still going to give you a piece of my mind!”
He sneered and gave her a good, hard slap.
At this conjecture, a middle-aged man came over hurriedly and said, “Ms. Fleur, Ms. Fleur, things are…”
He saw the scene unfolding in front of his eyes and was stunned.
After realizing who Alex was, he was even more surprised. “Mr. Rockefeller, I wasn’t made aware that you came! Is this a misunderstanding?”
The man was John Gates.
Princess Fleur looked on in astonishment. “You guys know each other?”
John nodded, “He is Lord Lex’s guest.”
“I did not know Father had a guest! And an idiot to boot!” Princess Fleur remarked sharply.
John remained silent.


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