The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 55

He knew better. After all, Lord Lex Gunther revered Alex Rockefeller, a close friend’s offspring, according to him. However, he had zero knowledge of Alex’s actual identity.
“What’s up? Why did you come?” asked Princess Fleur.
“My, I almost screwed things up. Lord Lex passed out suddenly.”
“What?!” Princess Fleur shrieked. “Go, we need to get to Hell’s Angels now!”
She dashed out, limping a little, and quickly got into her Lamborghini.
Following right behind her was Alex, who got into the passenger seat.
“Why are you here? Get off my car!” She was annoyed.
Alex sat unperturbed. “Start the engine; we are going to see your Father.”
“What has it got to do with you?”
“You will know when we get there.”
The Lamborghini sped away, leaving nothing but dust trails behind.
Half an hour later, they arrived at Hell’s Angels.
As soon as the car was parked, Princess Fleur sprang out.
“Where is Father?”
“In the room by the backyard. Mr. Jakob is currently tending to him.”
Alex followed right behind. He was a visitor here before, and under Lord Lex’s orders to grant him free movement in and out of Hell’s Angels, he was not stopped nor questioned by anyone.
He saw Lord Lex and was shocked.
A man in his fifties, Lord Lex, was the epitome of a man with power, exuding dominance and authority wherever he went. Yet, he now looked like a man in his seventies instead, frail and weak, devoid of energy and liveliness.
It has only been a few days since they last saw each other but he now looked like a completely different person.
Something was off.
Alex immediately understood why. It was all thanks to his Third Eye, an ability described in the Ultimate Book of Medicine that allowed the practitioner to identify every single issue within a human body, no matter the disease or the severity of it.
An evil being was currently latched onto Lord Lex’s body.
Princess Fleur asked a man dressed in a doctor’s robe next to her, “Mr. Jakob, what is wrong with Father?”
Mr. Jakob knitted his eyebrows, looking disturbed. “He fainted out of the blue and lost his energy and spirit. I checked everything, but I have no idea what is going on.”
“Shouldn’t you send him to the hospital then?” demanded Princess Fleur.
“Don’t worry; I will take care of him. Please, leave the room,” said Alex.
Princess Fleur was livid. “Who the heck are you? This has nothing to do with you; get out!”
This wasn’t Mr. Jakob’s first encounter with Alex, as he was stationed here as Lord Lex’s personal doctor. He explained, “Lady Fleur, Mr. Rockefeller here is Lord Lex’s esteemed guest. Lord Lex instructed us to treat Mr. Rockefeller with the utmost respect and hospitality.”
Princess Fleur was mindblown. “What? How could I not know who he is? Anyway, Father is now unconscious, do you know how to treat him?”
“Yes, I do.” Alex nodded.
His affirmation cast a few doubts on all present in the room, especially Princess Fleur and Mr. Jakob.
Alex shook his head in resignation. They would have to see it with their own eyes to believe him.
“Well, if you refuse to leave, fine, I will tell you the truth. Lord Lex is the victim of a voodoo spell. Right now, a little demon is latched onto his body, sucking the life out of him as we speak.”
“I beg your pardon?”
How could they believe such a ridiculous explanation offered by Alex?
“I know you wouldn’t believe me.” Alex turned Lord Lex on his belly and tore his shirt open.
On Lord Lex’s back were two little bloody footprints, while on his shoulders were two little bloody handprints. They looked like marks made by a little child on his back.


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