The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 56

Princess Fleur looked bewildered. “Little demon? Where?!”
“Right in front of you, it’s looking right into your eyes!” said Alex Rockefeller.
He was curious about why he did not freak out since this was his first encounter with something like this. Perhaps, after acquiring the Ultimate Book of Medicine’s wisdom, he gained the experience and knowledge of countless ancestors, as if he experienced it himself.
Princess Fleur indeed felt an unknown being stroking her face at the moment.
She screamed and leaped onto Alex’s back, clinging onto him as if her life depended on it.
Alex felt a soft sensation on his back and a pair of slender arms wrapped around his waist. For a short while, he thought of succumbing to the temptation.
“Lady, I am not your husband. Keep your hands off me.” Alex patted her on the back. Cheekily, it was the same spot where she was injured just previously.
Princess Fleur was embarrassed. After a moment of awkwardness, she hurriedly jumped down.
Once she moved away, Alex gave Lord Lex Gunther’s back a good, hard slap.
A sound, unlike anything a person had ever heard, rang across the room. Princess Fleur shivered and was just about to jump onto Alex’s back, only for him to push her away. He saw the little demon unlatch from Lord Lex’s body and escape the room in a whiff of black smoke.
Alex quickly chased after it and saw it enter a painting.
He got closer and immediately understood.
Waving his hand at Mr. Jakob, he asked, “Do you know where this painting came from?”
Mr. Jakob shook his head.
Princess Fleur, too, had never seen that painting before.
Lord Lex regained consciousness then and said, “This is a genuine artifact from centuries ago. It was gifted to me by a friend a few days ago. Why?”
“This painting right here is the problem. That thing lives here.”
Lord Lex was a little confused until Princess Fleur explained everything. His expression darkened as he cursed, “Xavier Young! You are trying to kill me, aren’t you!”
Alex continued, “This painting is where the little demon lives. We cannot let it remain here. I will take it away with me and return it once everything is taken care of.”
Lord Lex looked at him wide-eyed.
He had no idea Alex was capable of doing things like this.
Anyway, he wanted nothing to do with the painting and asked Alex to take it with him.
Alex nodded and looked around the room before resting his gaze on Princess Fleur.
“I want to borrow something from you.”
“What is it?”
Alex grabbed onto the bottom of her dress and tore a big piece of fabric out of it.
Princess Fleur was stupefied. She did not expect the turn of events!
Alex, however, retrieved three red threads from the fabric.
He needed them.
Tying them into an unusual knot, he then secured it onto the painting. It was a method to lock a supernatural being down.


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