The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 57

Afterward, Lord Lex Gunther was talking to Alex Rockefeller, with nothing but surprise in his voice. “Just how did you do what you did then, sir?”
“I learned it from a wandering gypsy back when I was still in school. It’s really nothing to be proud of, nothing to brag about.” Alex smiled.
Lord Lex added, “Sir, you are one-of-a-kind and truly destined to do great things in the future!”
“Oh gosh, stop with the flattering.” Alex rolled his eyes.
“I was just telling the truth,” replied Lord Lex.
As the conversation progressed, Princess Fleur’s name was mentioned. She was also known as Waltz Fleur.
Lord Lex had two adopted sons and a daughter. They were Azure Storm, Clay Ember, and Waltz Fleur, also known as Thousand Miles Conglomerate’s main battle force in the underworld—the Three Great Chieftains and they all possessed incredible fighting prowess.
“I see.”
“Sir, are you interested in Waltz? Should I send her your way?”
“No, no, hold on. I am at my wit’s end with my wife, I need a break. By the way, my mother woke up. We are living in Maple Villa now. Please contact me if you are faced with similar problems again.”
Lord Lex was thrilled. “Amazing, she is awake! Thank the Gods! Unfortunately, I will not be visiting as after all, I am not welcomed there with my status.”
“You think my mother wants nothing to do with the underworld, that is why my father told her nothing about it?”
Lord Lex nodded. “It is a form of protection after all.”
Alex sighed. “You are not better off here too. Things are quite dangerous, please look out for yourself. If you need help, please let me know.”
There was a glint in Lord Lex’s eyes as he said, “I will, thank you so much!”
Alex took his leave then. He decided not to mention his dispute with Waltz.
They were acquaintances now, hence there was no way he could get paid for the settlement for his car.
Back at Hell’s Angels.
“Father, who is that jerk? How come I know nothing about him?” Waltz complained.
Lord Lex frowned. “Show some respect for Mr. Rockefeller!”
“He had no respect for me! He hit me!” Waltz snorted in reply.
“Hold on, you are no match for him?” Lord Lex was surprised.
“I will defeat him when I see him again next time!” Waltz growled and promised.
Lord Lex was shocked and took quite a while to return to his senses.
‘Just how enigmatic can Alex Rockefeller be?’
He wanted to reveal Alex’s identity to Waltz but thought the better of it. After all, the fewer the people who know, the better.
Alex returned to the pier in his wrecked M8. He stuttered to a halt in front of the car dealership.
The saleslady, who serviced Alex just a while ago, was Chloe Zea.
Seeing the pathetic state of the M8, she covered her mouth in disbelief. “Gosh! It has only been two hours! The car insurance is not ready yet, what can we do?”
Alex replied, “Do you have a similar car? Just replace it with mine.”
“We do have one, but sir, this is not possible.” Chloe was put in a difficult spot. “What about the overhaul needed for your wrecked car?”
“What’s wrong with it? I don’t want this anymore and will buy another exact model of it.”
Chloe looked at her client wide-eyed and dumbfounded, obviously finding it hard to believe what she just heard.


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