The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 58

Half an hour later, Alex Rockefeller arrived at Maple Villa in his new BMW M8.
The previous wreck was left behind at the dealership.
After some inspection, the staff found the main components of the car to be functioning as intended. It was as good as new after some overhaul.
Upon Alex’s departure, a small crowd quickly gathered around Chloe Zea, with envy and jealousy plastered all over their faces.
“Chloe, you are so lucky today! That is at least a hundred thousand dollars in commission for you!”
“Where should I go to meet such a generous man?”
“You should keep in touch. He is such a young guy and a handsome one too! If you manage to entice him, your life is set!”
Chloe’s eyes twinkled as she started fantasizing.
It was two o’clock in the afternoon. California’s West Hill Cemetery.
Also the worst cemetery in the state. Run-down and neglected.
Alex and his mother, Brittany Rockefeller, stood in front of a desolate tombstone.
The founder of the titular Rockefeller Group, with his net worth amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars before his death, could only be buried here in the most run-down and desolate spot.
It was extremely difficult on Brittany.
Seconds in, she dropped to her knees and bawled her eyes out.
Alex cried silently and hugged his mother.
It took a while for her emotions to stabilize.
Gently plucking the weeds off the grave, she lamented, “Why? Why was your father buried here? He loved having company more than anyone else when he was still alive. He is so lonely here.”
“Didn’t the Rockefeller family have their own cemetery? It was bought by your father when your grandmother passed away. Why wasn’t he buried there?”
Alex sighed. “After the incident, John Rockefeller accused Dad of corrupt practices and treason, selling sensitive research information to folks of other countries. The old man believed his accusation and banished us from the family. John also said that Dad did not deserve to be buried in the Rockefeller cemetery and colluded with a few of California’s major burial grounds to reject Dad’s ashes. This was the only place that accepted him.”
He continued after a brief pause. “Do not worry, Mom, for I will avenge Dad. I will find out the truth and seek the one responsible for everything!”
Brittany’s expression darkened.
Being an extremely capable woman, she knew how to control her emotions well as she said, “Alex, John Rockefeller is a nasty character with many devious tricks up his sleeves. We have to plan our actions carefully.”
Alex nodded in acknowledgment even though he already knew what he needed to do.
Brittany continued, “John has perhaps misled your grandfather. Whatever happened, your father was his eldest son. The Rockefeller family’s wealth was the result of your father and my blood, sweat, and tears, and we meant to pass it down to you. They do not deserve it. Our banishment is absurd. That being said, we need to see your grandfather.”
They needed to do that to know what they were dealing with.
“The old man lives in Ass*x Manor. It will be quite a feat to see him without any interruptions,” said Alex.
Brittany replied, “We need Uncle Cole’s help. Only he can get your grandfather out of his house.”
Uncle Cole was also known by his full name, Gavin Cole.
He was Bill Rockefeller’s best buddy; after all, they had known each other since they were young.
It should not be a problem with Gavin’s help.
That night, Alex and Brittany found themselves over at the Cole Residence, waiting for Bill’s arrival.


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