The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 59

Bill Rockefeller had no prior knowledge of Alex and Brittany Rockefeller’s presence.
He arrived at six in the evening.
Compared to a few days ago where he looked glum and morose after receiving a slap on the face from Lord Lex Gunther, Bill was a completely different man today. He was in high spirits and laughed as he entered the room. “Gavin! What’s up with you? Really rare of you to invite me for a drink, eh!”
He then saw Alex standing at the side.
His smile faded from his face. “Traitor, what are you doing here?”
Bill had the shock of his life the other day and pushed all blame onto Alex, seeing that he was still a good-for-nothing brat.
Alex looked straight ahead and remained silent.
Instead, Brittany spoke, “Father, Alex is still your grandson. How can you say those things to him?”
“Ah! Brittany…You’re alive?”
Bill was startled.
“Indeed, I am. You don’t seem too happy about this, though?”
Returning to his senses, Bill’s expression darkened as he snapped angrily, “The lot of you were banished a long time ago. You tramp! Don’t you dare call me father, for I am not yours anymore. I do not care if you die; it has nothing to do with me!”
Brittany still had her hopes up when she came, but now, they were all shattered.
“I want to ask you this. Why? Why did you banish us? Rockefeller Group and Rockefeller Manor are both ours. If there should be anything, it should be you lot to be the ones who should leave.”
“You sleazy fool! Both of you, mother and son, are nothing but dirt to me. Do not even fantasize about Rockefeller Group! Go about your miserable lives and leave us alone!”
Gavin Cole interjected, wanting to defuse the situation.
However, Bill was unyielding. If Gavin insisted on speaking, they would no longer be friends.
Brittany tried to hold her rage in. Shuddering, she spoke, “Father, I…”
“Do not call me, father. You do not exist in our family.” Bill cut her off coldly.
“Fine. Mr. Rockefeller, there are some things I would like to speak to you in private,” Brittany said through gritted teeth.
“Are you trying to bribe me? Say it now. I do not want to see you anymore after today!”
Brittany took a deep breath. “Fine, I will say it! Your eldest son, William, is innocent. It was all a conspiracy fabricated by John to frame him! The day before Alex’s wedding, we found evidence of John defrauding money from the company and having close ties with the Japanese!”
“What a load of bullshit! You are the one framing him! Keep spewing nonsense, and I will smack the living hell out of you!” An enraged Bill roared.
Brittany was even angrier. “You believe every single thing John says, but none of mine! Why are you so biased? William is your son too! We built Rockefeller Group from the ground up! How could you do this to us?! I have evidence!”
Bill was slightly taken aback at her remark but scoffed in return. “Evidence? You must have fabricated them too. I will never believe you! Your family committed treason and should have been imprisoned for all you have done. If I hear any of this circulating around, I will have you know that framing John is an offense I take seriously. You will suffer my wrath!”
Alex was at his limit hearing Bill vilifying his mother with obscene remarks.
He yelled in anger, “You old fool! Are you mentally challenged? If I hear another insult from you, I will knock you out with my bare fists!”
Bill was infuriated. He raised his hand on Alex.


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