The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 6

Alex shook his head and sneered, “Chloe, you are not qualified to lick my toes. You should go home and this fattie’s toes. If you make him happy, he might buy you two thousand dollars worth of rubbish.”
Chloe’s anger was so intense, she’s like a ticking time bomb about to go off.
The fattie finally chased Chloe, when he was about to coax her to bed, Alex made a fool out of him. The fattie said, “You penniless bastard, take a petty look at yourself, do you think you can afford this necklace with a thirty million dollars price tag? What?! Do you think it is only three thousand dollars?”
“What if I can afford to buy it? Can you afford one? Will you buy one too?” Asked Alex.
Alex had made up his mind to purchase the jewelry.
He had owed Lady Dorothy Ass*x too much for the past ten months.
Buying a necklace worth thirty million dollars might make her happy, and gain her trust in his capability to protect her.
The fattie said angrily, “Where did this idiot come from, a bunch of nonsense, Chloe, how did you know this kind of person? It demotes me every time talking to him.”
Alex sneered, “Tell me directly if you do not have money, there is no need to make excuses. I won’t make things difficult for you. After all, there is only one ‘Love in a Fallen City’, only my wife is worthy of it, your girlfriend is unworthy of the necklace. It is better if you could just buy the one beside it, which is three million dollars, how about it, want to bet?”
“Wow, who do you think you are to threaten me?! Bring it on! But what if you can’t afford it?” the fattie yelled.
Alex didn’t have the chance to speak yet.
Chloe said, “If you can’t afford it, kneel and address me as your mother three times!”
Alex stared at her coldly, “Got it!”
They randomly asked the nearest shop assistant.
And they found out that they needed to go to the third floor if they wanted to buy the ‘Love in a Fallen City’ necklace.
The three of them arrived at the third floor in a blink of an eye, found the counter, and saw the person in charge of this necklace was an acquaintance.
She was Lady Dorothy’s best friend, Cassandra.
“What? You want to buy the ‘Love in a Fallen City’ necklace? Are you out of your mind?”
After Cassandra heard about it, she looked at Alex and felt so angry. “Alex, I don’t understand, what right do you have to hold onto Dorothy, be a man, divorce Lady Dorothy immediately, don’t be a burden to her anymore! Don’t you know, Dorothy came to me a while ago and sold her wedding ring for half a million dollars for your mother’s medical expenses. Now you are telling me that you want to buy a thirty million dollar ‘Love in a Fallen City’ necklace, do you think I am an idiot to believe in you?”
Alex knew that something bad would happen if he met her, as she mocked him all the time.
Chloe and the fattie that stood next to her burst into laughter.
Chloe said, “Alex, did you hear that your wife even sold the wedding ring, and you are still here, pretending to be rich? Just admit that you can’t afford it. Kneel, lick the soles of my feet, and address me as your mother three times!”
As soon as she finished talking, she took off her shoes and stretched out her feet.
Alex didn’t even take a glance at her, and said to Cassandra, “What if I can afford to buy it?”
Cassandra furiously replied, “If you can afford to buy it, I will kneel before you and address you as my father!”
Alex took out his credit card.
“Swipe the card!”
Cassandra grabbed the bank card, threw it on Alex, and said resentfully, “Would you cut it out, already? Stop interfering with my work here. Alex, I know you well enough! Don’t even bother to think about that thirty million dollars necklace, you can’t even afford a three thousand dollars necklace!”
“If you don’t leave now, I will ask the security guard to chase you out of here.”
Alex frowned, “I’m here to buy things, why would you want to chase me out? Cassandra, are you trying to get yourself fired?”
Cassandra waved, and the two security guards who had already noticed what happened earlier rushed over.
A security guard said, “Cassandra, what’s the matter?”
Cassandra said, “This guy is here to cause trouble, please chase him out.”
Alex said coldly, “Cassandra, don’t be shameless, I’m here to buy things, not to cause trouble. If your boss gets to know about your service attitude, do you think you can continue to work here? Aren’t you scared of me filing a complaint about you to your boss?”
Cassandra glared at him, “Well if you wish to buy the ‘Love in a Fallen City’ necklace, you will need the VIP membership card of L.G. Balfour or the star membership card of Thousand Miles Conglomerate. If you have one of those, I can sell it to you.”
“Thousand Miles Conglomerate?”
Alex was frozen for a while.
One of the security guards said, “Yes, L.G. Balfour is a subsidiary of Thousand Miles Conglomerate. Think about the consequences, if you try to cause trouble here.”
Alex frowned, he did not have any of those membership cards.
Chloe teased, “Are you shocked? Accept your defeat. How about you kneel and lick the soles of my feet? This place belongs to Thousand Miles Conglomerate. If you are trying to cheat out of a bet, you are trying to offend Lord Lex Gates. Deal with it.”
Alex said, “Give me a few minutes.”
He took out his cell phone, dialed Lord Lex Gates’s number, and said, “I am at L.G. Balfour and I wish to purchase the ‘Love in a Fallen City’ necklace, but I don’t have a membership card, so I can’t buy it.”
Lord Lex Gates said immediately, “Master, please give me two minutes, I will deal with it immediately.”
Alex hung up the phone and glanced at everyone, “Please give me two minutes.”
Cassandra sneered, “Okay, I’ll give you two minutes to see what kind of tricks you are trying to play. If you are trying to cause trouble here intentionally, I will beat the hell out of you!”
Finally, in less than two minutes.
A middle-aged man hurried over.
Cassandra and the two security guards saw that person and immediately greeted him respectfully.
They exclaimed, “Hello, Mr. Jefferson!”
It turned out that he was the general manager of L.G. Balfour, Jefferson.
Cassandra thought that Jefferson had come to check out what happened after hearing the noise. She quickly pointed at Alex and said, “Mr. Jefferson, this guy came here to cause a fuss. He doesn’t have a membership card but kept saying that he wished to buy the treasure of our store, the ‘Love in a Fallen City‘ necklace. The security guards will chase him out from here now.”
Without a word, Jefferson slapped her in her face.
“You are ridiculous!”
“He is the Supreme VIP of L.G. Balfour!”
Everyone was flabbergasted and speechless.
Meanwhile, Cassandra who was covering her face, was stunned.
Jefferson walked up to Alex and said respectfully, “Master Alex, I’m sorry for being late.”
Alex looked at him, “So, can I buy this ‘Love in a Fallen City’ necklace now?”
Jefferson bowed and said, “Yes, of course, you can. Oh wait you can have it if you like it, you don’t need to pay anything for it.”
“What?” Chloe was speechless.
Looking back and forth at Alex and the necklace, there was envy in her eyes.
The thirty million dollars necklace was being given away just like that.
Wasn’t Alex a piece of trash? How was he qualified for L.G. Balfour to give him such an expensive gift?
“No, I will buy it myself!”
Alex took out his black credit card and threw it at Cassandra.
“Please, swipe the card!”
“Remember what you have said just now, I will be your father after I have bought the necklace!”
Cassandra took the credit card and her face turned pale.
Alex pointed at Chloe and Fattie and said to Jefferson, “Also, these two people here, they placed a bet with me just now that if I bought the ‘Love in a Fallen City’ necklace, they will buy the three million dollars necklace shown on the billboard. You bet, you pay, or you are showing no respect to Lord Lex.”
The security immediately blocked the two people, intentionally or unintentionally.
One minute later.
Payment successful.
When Cassandra handed the credit card back to Alex, her hands were slightly shaking.
Thirty million dollars was paid successfully.
How much credit was actually available on this card?


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