The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 60

Alex Rockefeller quickly intercepted and grabbed Bill by the hand mid-air.
He glared and sneered. “Old fool, enjoy the last days of standing up. Your happy days are numbered.”
Earlier, he observed Bill Rockefeller having a serious case of blocked arteries in his brain. It wouldn’t be long before he would suffer a stroke and become bedridden.
To say Bill was mad was an understatement. He left in a rage.
Gavin Cole sighed, “I have no idea why he is in such a bad mood. You all are a family, aren’t you? Don’t worry, Brittany. I’ll talk to him.”
Brittany remained silent.
Brittany and Alex wanted to meet Bill to find out his sentiment, but the response was even worse than expected.
Bill did not take the death of William Rockefeller seriously. His attitude toward Brittany and Alex was atrocious. The truth did not matter. All he wanted was for them to leave the Rockefeller family, like trash being swept out of the house.
It started drizzling when they left Cole Residence.
The autumn weather was slightly chilly.
“Mother, are you telling the truth when you said that you have evidence of John’s corrupt practices?” asked Alex after they got into their car.
Brittany shook her head. “It has been more than half a year. Even if they existed at one point, there is none left now. Plus, John is now legally Rockefeller Group’s owner. He has access to large networks. Hence there is no way we can fight him head-on, given how weak we are. We have to bide our time.”
“That is a lot of work!” Alex remarked.
With the Thousand Miles Conglomerate behind his back, he needed at most a few days to destroy Rockefeller Group.
There were also specific tactics to be used to coerce members of the Rockefeller family.
However, this would definitely expose the ties between Thousand Miles Conglomerate and Alex.
That was unthinkable!
Mostly since Lord Lex Gunther was the victim of the attempted murder, Alex knew he had to tread much more carefully.
“It is pretty manageable, to tell the truth. Rockefeller Group was started by your father and me years ago. Do you remember the basis for our success and growth?” asked Brittany.
After giving it some thought, Alex replied, “The Bounty Acne Cream?”
Brittany nodded. “That’s right, Bounty Acne Cream. Or more accurately, its secret formula. Every other product manufactured by Rockefeller Group is designed as a complement to the cream. Years ago, your father obtained the secret formula by chance, which spurred Rockefeller Group’s rapid growth. Before the accident, we managed to refine the current formula, giving it better efficacy. I have the updated formula with me.”
Alex winked. “Which means that we could seize Rockefeller Group’s market share just by releasing improved products?”
“That’s right. Of course, there are a lot of details involved. I will get to it.”
Alex chose to remain silent as he listened.
His mother was once a capable businesswoman. She needed something to focus her attention on before she went insane, thinking about his deceased father everyday.
Bill returned home in a fury. Throwing a tantrum around, he smashed a beautiful set of jade teapots.
John Rockefeller hurriedly asked in astonishment, “Father, what happened?”
Bill replied angrily, “It’s Brittany, that good-for-nothing woman. She is alive! And came to interrogate me! I thought you said she was never going to regain consciousness?”


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