The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 62

Brittany Rockefeller was unconscious and bedridden for more than six months, during which she could only be kept alive with IV fluids.
Even as she regained consciousness, it would take time for her to recuperate and recover.
With that in mind, Alex Rockefeller wrote a prescription to hasten her recovery process.
However, he did not possess a medical license. As such, he was not allowed to obtain the various drugs needed from pharmacies and hospitals alike. Only Cheryl Coney could help. Hence, he dialed her number.
Cheryl was at the hospital as they spoke and agreed to it immediately. Plus, she was also very fascinated by Alex’s prescription.
Speeding along the streets in his M8, he arrived at the hospital in no time.
Cheryl was talking to a family member of a patient in her office. It was pleasing to see her speak in a gentle voice and carry herself so graciously.
Dorothy Ass*x, on the other hand.
It had been a long time since Alex felt any warmth from her. Neglect and apathy were daily occurrences, together with Beatrice and Claire Ass*x’s hatred toward him. As such, he’d rather stay at the hospital.
Of course, he did not resent Dorothy, for he played a big part in it.
While he was deep in thought, the patient’s family left. Cheryl waved her hand in front of Alex’s face and said, “Hey! What are you thinking about?”
“Ah!” Alex returned to his senses and said casually, “Nothing much; you look extremely gorgeous today; I got a little distracted.”
Cheryl was taken aback by his witty remark and proceeded to kick him in the shins. “Such a sweet talker! Where is the prescription? Can I see it?”
Alex steadied his emotions and handed the prescription over to Cheryl.
Cheryl’s abilities were still lacking behind her grandfather’s. That being said, she was not to be underestimated as she possessed at least sixty percent of James Coney’s abilities.
However, she could not fathom the prescription. “What is this? I see many ingredients used to aid recovery. Although I do not think they are suitable for your mother since she just woke up. Did you obtain this from the internet? No, I cannot approve your prescription.”
“It will work. Look, I’ve added a few ingredients to neutralize some of the more harmful effects of the drugs and to sustain their medicinal properties. With some acupuncture on the side, it should work fine…” said Alex convincingly.
After listening to Alex’s explanation, she gave it a thought before she decided to believe him. “Alright, I will give my approval.”
“Thank you, pretty Doctor Coney. I knew you are a good person!”
“Hold on, and I am not done yet!” Cheryl rolled her eyes. “I want to observe how your mother is going to consume it.”
“Of course, feel free.”
“One more thing, can I ask you about the Thirteen Acupunctures of Hell?”
“Go ahead.”
Alex started demonstrating the techniques to Cheryl.
In order to achieve a better didactic effect, Alex showed Cheryl the acupuncture points on her body. The last needle was done on an acupuncture point roughly three inches above the chest. And just as he touched the spot with his finger, the office doors opened, with none other than Dorothy Ass*x standing on the other side.
She saw Alex’s hand on Cheryl’s body, who was not showing any signs of resistance.
She charged forward and swung her hand across Alex’s face.


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