The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 63

Slapped by Dorothy Ass*x, Alex Rockefeller looked at her in astonishment while Cheryl Coney exclaimed, “How could you hit him!”
Dorothy glared at the woman in the doctor’s robe and said, “What’s wrong with it, huh? We are still husband and wife, and you are nothing but a mistress!”
A nurse came by then, wanting to see Cheryl, and was quickly distracted by the drama unfolding before her eyes.
All she could think of was Cheryl Coney, the granddaughter of California’s Miracle Doctor and the hospital’s star, being somebody else’s mistress.
Alex frowned, seeing the nurse’s presence. Hurriedly, he pulled Dorothy aside and said, “Stop talking nonsense. There is nothing between Doctor Coney and me!”
Dorothy violently shook her hand. “Get your hands off me! What were you doing, huh? I saw everything!”
The scene attracted the attention of a few more nurses.
Alex understood the danger if things were left to their own accord. Dragging Dorothy behind him, Alex leaped for the exit. “My apologies, Doctor Coney! I am counting on you for my mother! My wife must have bought into my psychotic mother-in-law’s nonsense. I am so sorry!”
Trying his best to keep Cheryl’s innocence, he dragged Dorothy away until they came to a secluded stairwell.
He was just about to leave when she took the offense and bit him on his arm.
Overwhelmed by a massive wave of pain, Alex managed to suppress the force. Otherwise, Dorothy’s teeth would have chipped off.
“Aren’t you sorry?!” Dorothy screeched, tears welling up in her eyes.
Alex looked at her and smiled. “I’ll be damned with that overreaction! You still care, don’t you? What did your mother say? Was it something like, I was cheating with Doctor Coney, and we are currently living together? Of course, your sister was there to fan the flames too! Don’t think that I don’t know what they said. Do you believe me?”
Dorothy glared. “No.”
“Oh no, I thought your mother says it every day?”
“But… I saw it with my own eyes!”
Alex summoned his courage and gently embraced her. “You were mistaken. I was asking for advice on how some acupuncture techniques were to be used on mother.”
“You sure?”
“Why would I lie?”
“Well, I want you to come have lunch with me then.”
“Of course, the queen can never starve! Let’s go. I know a good restaurant nearby.”
They got into Dorothy’s car with Alex in the driver’s seat. Once again, he summoned his courage and gently grabbed her pale yet smooth hands. “Dorothy, you must be exhausted from your business trip. Let me take care of you from now on.”
It was a little awkward for a couple who had not been so intimate with each other all this while.
Alex put his hand onto her shoulder and moved his head closer…
And the silence was broken by a ringing phone.
Dorothy jolted back to her senses, and hurriedly pushed him away. “All talk and no action is not the way. Why don’t you accept the call first?”
“Cheryl Coney” was shown on the caller ID.
Seeing that, her demeanor instantly became chilly.


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