The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 64

Alex Rockefeller wanted to take the call outside of the car, but that would make him look guilty of any wrongdoing.
He explained, “It’s Doctor Coney. I needed her help to prepare a prescription.”
He should not have explained, as Dorothy Ass*x quickly added, “Are you going to go on speaker mode?”
“Why not?” replied Alex.
“Hello, Doctor Coney!” He greeted me after accepting the call and started to switch on the speaker mode.
Unexpectedly, Cheryl replied in a slightly flirtatious voice, “Why are you calling me Doctor Coney? Just call me Cheryl instead now that we are not in the hospital anymore.”
Alex shivered.
He noticed a murderous aura emanating from Dorothy.
“Uhm, is there anything you want to talk to me about?”
“I just want to know… if you are okay?”
Alex replied, “Of course! Don’t worry.”
Cheryl smiled. “Your ex-wife is quite the character, isn’t she? I was a little frightened just now. So, how are things between you and her? I thought you were divorced, so why is she still meddling in your affairs?”
That was the last straw on the camel’s back as Dorothy erupted.
She snatched the phone over and yelled, “Listen here, I am not his ex-wife! We are not divorced and never will! Give up! As a doctor, aren’t you embarrassed to be a mistress and destroy marriages?”
Alex’s worst fears came true.
He felt a storm brewing.
As the granddaughter of California’s miracle doctor, she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Growing up soft-spoken and well-tempered, Cheryl’s upbringing did not stop her from lashing out as well. “Don’t you know what kind of life Alex leads in your house? Since you cannot fulfill your duty as a wife, why are you keeping him to yourself? You are a selfish woman, and you do not deserve him!”
“And you do?” Dorothy was livid.
“Of course, a little better than you!” Cheryl retorted with an air of arrogance.
Alex was at his wit’s end.
“Doctor Coney, please stop with your shenanigans! You are bringing nothing but trouble to me!”
Dorothy shouted at the phone, “Shameless!” and instantly terminated the call.
She glared at Alex and hurled the phone his way. “And you said there is nothing between you two? Tell me, what is this then?”
Alex hurriedly explained, “Dorothy, it is nothing like you imagined. She meant no harm; it was all Chloe’s doing!”
“Are you going to leave me alone?”
Dorothy stared at him as if he were her prey.
“Okay, I will leave.”
Alex scrambled out of the car.
Dorothy shifted to the driver’s seat and slammed her foot on the accelerator. The car sped off, leaving a trail of smoke and dust behind.
On the other side, Cheryl regretted everything she said over the phone. That was the stupidest move she could ever make!
‘What if Alex thinks I have a crush on him?’
A while later, Alex called.
Steadying her breathing, she accepted the call.
Alex mentioned nothing about what had happened, only about the prescription.
Cheryl said, “The prescription is ready. Although there is one ingredient I cannot get hold of, the wild ginseng. We do not have it here in the hospital, nor over at Ganoderma. Either you figure out a way yourself, or we switch it to regular ginseng.”
Alex shook his head. “That cannot do. This is the main ingredient for my prescription. I will think of a way to get it. No worries, thank you so much, Doctor Coney.”
“Did I trouble you just now?” Cheryl asked carefully.
“You did. I was so close to getting a lady into my bed. Now that the lady is gone, you need to look for one for me,” answered Alex.
“You…I am not talking to you, pervert.”
Beep. Beep.
The call ended.
Alex looked at the sky and let out a deep sigh.


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