The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 65

An hour later at the Ass*x Manor.
Dorothy Ass*x returned with a miserable expression.
Seeing that, Claire Ass*x was pleased and said smugly, “I told you, right? The county courthouse opens at nine in the morning tomorrow. We are going to file your divorce immediately.”
“Nobody is getting a divorce here,” Dorothy said coldly.
Claire immediately jumped on her two feet. “Dorothy, just how smitten are you? What is so good about him? Even after what he did to you? Look, I know Spark Rockefeller likes you. Let me talk to him tomorrow.”
“Mother, what is wrong with you? Did you forget what that jerk did to me?”
“At least he is better than Alex! He cheated on you!” replied Claire.
Dorothy stormed upstairs without saying anything else, and she was not in the mood to have dinner.
It was seven o’clock at night when Dorothy received a phone call from Shermaine Ford. “Lady Ass*x, headquarters called saying that an important meeting will be held tomorrow at nine at our company. The board of directors is sending three of them over, and the entire upper management of the company is required to attend. It will be held at Conference Room No. 3 in Tower 2.”
“Understood, thank you.”
After ending the call, Dorothy rubbed her temples in irritation.
‘Grandmother must be pissed. I am not getting out of this safely. I wonder what will happen tomorrow.’
It was nine o’clock, but Alex was still out.
He was nowhere to be seen even as the clock struck eleven.
Was he with the female doctor from this morning? The more she thought about it, the worse she felt.
“Where are you?” She dialed his number.
“At home!” answered Alex.
“Hah, what a joke. You mean, the doctor’s home?”
“Yeah, right. Didn’t I tell you already that there is nothing between us? I am in my own house taking care of Mother.”
“Hold on. Mother is awake?”
“She is. There is no other reason for her to stay at the hospital, hence why we decided to return home.”
“Why didn’t you tell me about it?” demanded Dorothy.
Alex replied, “You gave me the boot before I could say anything.”
Dorothy was speechless. Why did he hide such important news from her, his own wife?
“Send me your address. I am visiting Mother tomorrow.”
“Will do.”
Alex was thrilled hearing Dorothy addressing Brittany as ‘Mother’ instead of ‘your mother.’ It was a good start.
The next day, Dorothy arrived at the conference room just as the clock struck nine. To her surprise, it was empty.
Calling out to an employee nearby, she asked, “Isn’t there supposed to be a meeting here? Where are the people?”
“Oh, Lady Ass*x, I think it is going on at Conference Room No. 1 over at Tower 1.”
Dorothy rushed over, calling Shermaine multiple times on her way there. However, her call was not picked up.
Something was clearly off.
The meeting had been going on for more than half an hour when she arrived.
Anderson Ass*x was the host of the meeting. He reprimanded Dorothy when she entered. “Dorothy Ass*x, how can you be late? As the GM of this branch, your tardiness reflects your incapabilities and weakness. Clearly, you are not fit to run the company!”
Dorothy was shocked. She saw Shermaine among the attendees and asked, “Shermaine, what is going on? I thought you told me it was going to be held at Conference Room No.3 over at Tower 2 at nine in the morning?”
“No, I said eight-thirty at Conference Room No.1 here at Tower 1.” Shermaine shook her head.
And she hurriedly shifted her gaze to her feet.
Emma Ass*x could be heard snickering.
The sight of those was all Dorothy needed to know.


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