The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 66

Shermaine Ford betrayed her.
Dorothy Ass*x was infuriated. After all, she guided Shermaine to where she was today. From giving her an opportunity right after high school to entrust her with managerial roles and repay her loans, she was an immense help throughout it all.
At the end of the day, Shermaine chose to side with Emma Ass*x and played a nasty trick on Dorothy, embarrassing herself in an important meeting.
A true traitor.
Emma, who was Anderson’s daughter and the rumored person to replace Dorothy as the new general manager, looked at Dorothy with a smirk on her face. “Lady Ass*x, I believe your secretary gave you the right information. I think you overslept. Alas, that abandoned son of Rockefeller brought us a massive contract in exchange for a favor, but you had to mess it up. I know you were upset and chose to make up for it in the bedroom. However, please do not get caught up in your own desire. You have a company to run.”
Dorothy’s expression was as frosty as the winds of winter. “Emma Ass*x, quit with your nonsense! You are not a member of the board of directors nor this company. Please leave.”
Anderson slammed the table with his palm and pointed his finger at Dorothy. He roared, “You are the one leaving this room. From now onwards, you are not the general manager anymore. Emma will be taking your place.”
Emma stood up and nodded at the crowd in the conference room. With a smile on her face, she said, “I am Emma Ass*x. It is my pleasure to be of service to the company.”
She then looked at Dorothy mockingly.
Anderson clapped, followed by the directors.
The company’s upper management looked at each other in much confusion but started clapping after initiating applause.
Dorothy grimaced. “Uncle, I am the general manager here. It is not something you can decide on.”
“I knew you would say that. This is the document initiating the leadership change from the headquarters. The board of directors signed off on it. Read it with your own eyes,” said Anderson.
He hurled a clipboard into Dorothy’s way.
A paper was attached to it and it was the document from the headquarters.
Dorothy’s heart was shredded to pieces as she read it. Sadness, anger, and disappointment were insufficient to describe how she felt at the moment. She put in tremendous effort, building the company with her very own blood, sweat, and tears from the ground up.
And what did she get at the end? Nothing.
She clenched her teeth as she endured the mocking stares from the crowd.
Anderson snorted and looked at his daughter with a smile. “I hereby announce Emma Ass*x as the new general manager of Ass*x Constructions’ branch here in City South. Please give her a round of applause and welcome her to the team!”
Everyone stood up and applauded while congratulating Emma.
Only Dorothy stood motionless in the shadows.
Emma sneered at Dorothy before clapping her hands together and said, “Please have a seat. Thank you. I want to announce a decision made by the company. Starting from this month, all employees’ wages will be increased by thirty percent, an appreciation for all the hard work and effort put in for the company.”
Most of the time, spending sufficient money to please people was a tried and trusted method, and this time, it was no exception.
The employees roared and cheered happily.
She continued, “Also, I hereby announce Shermaine Ford as the first secretary to the GM. Your compensation will be adjusted accordingly. From now onwards, you are my private secretary.”
“Thank you so much, Lady Ass*x! I will do my best!” Shermaine smiled.
Dorothy threw a filthy glance at Shermaine and snorted.
The biggest impostor of the year had to be her!
Emma stole a glance at Dorothy and said, “The thirty percent wage increase does not apply to Dorothy Ass*x as it is only for the upper management. You are transferred to the customer service department with a starting wage of three thousand dollars. We hope you will do your best for the company. Now, please leave, as you are not allowed in here.”
“Cut the act, I quit!” Dorothy snapped coldly.


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