The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 67

She then left.
Not long after, an email titled “Dorothy Ass*x dismissed due to incapability, to be replaced by Emma Ass*x” was blasted out to every employee’s email address.
Many felt the unjust treatment dished out to Dorothy. Especially the ones who worked alongside Dorothy when she started and knew just how much effort she put into the company.
When Dorothy left with her personal belongings, nobody came to say goodbye.
Everyone lowered their heads as if she did not exist.
When she stepped out of the office, tears welled up in her eyes.
Shermaine Ford was waiting at the exit.
“I treated you as best as I could, why did you betray me?” demanded Dorothy in disbelief.
Shermaine smiled coldly. “I chose to side with the better party. You cannot blame me for the fault lies on you, for being such a weak and insignificant member of the Ass*x family.”
“I hope you will not regret your actions.” Dorothy nodded.
“Of course not, good riddance!” Shermaine turned and walked away, swaying her hips in a prideful manner.
Over at the headquarters of Ass*x Constructions.
The CEO’s secretary, a pretty lady herself, hurriedly knocked on the CEO’s door. She said to Benny Ass*x, “CEO, bad news. We just got news from the marketing department that Waylon Realty will not extend our contract.”
“What did you say?”
Benny Ass*x was Madame Joanne’s eldest son. He immediately jumped to his feet after hearing the news.
Waylon Realty was California’s largest real estate company. Recently, they managed to purchase four massive lots of land at City North, with a total area of over a million square feet. It involved the development of residential areas, commercial buildings, business lots, and multipurpose towers, all to establish City North as California’s newest landmark.
The number of construction materials required to make it happen was astronomical.
So the saying went, a contract to supply construction materials to Wayton Realty was every construction businesses’ dream here in California. However, it was also common knowledge that the Ass*x Conglomerate had been dealing with Waylon Realty for a long time. There was nothing else the others could do.
This meant that nobody else had doubts about Ass*x Constructions taking over this particular project.
To prepare for this particular partnership, Ass*x Constructions made plenty of arrangements, such as purchasing their raw materials in massive quantities ahead of time.
However, with the contract terminated, the capital spent was down the drains. With that came cash flow issues and the Ass*x Conglomerate would have to be dissolved within three months since they could not pay their loans.
That was why Benny was in a huge shock.
“Arrange a meeting with Waylon Realty’s CEO, Mr. Carter immediately. I need to see him personally!”
“But CEO, you have a meeting coming up, you cannot miss that too!”
“What should we do? Call Anderson Ass*x and inform him to attend to the matter immediately!”
Anderson received the call but was not at all worried. He was planning to send his daughter, Emma Ass*x over as the representative of Ass*x Constructions. If she could salvage the contract, it would mean a huge boost to her status in the family.
Riding in his brand new M8, Alex Rockefeller was waiting for Dorothy outside of Ass*x Construction’s City South branch office. He was to bring Dorothy over to visit Brittany Rockefeller.
“Is this a BMW M8?” Dorothy was surprised to see Alex’s ride.
“Get in the car!” Alex smiled.
She was even more surprised to find a little girl in the rear seat of his car.
“Who is this kid?” asked Dorothy.
“A child of my neighbor. Her name is Zoey Carter and her father happens to be Charles Carter. Do you know him?”


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