The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 68

“What? Do you mean she’s daughter of Charles Carter, the CEO of Waylon Realty?”
Dorothy ran a construction materials business and 70% of the Ass*x family’s income came from Waylon Realty. Hence, there was no way that she did not know Charles.
However, Charles never heard about her.
At the moment, feeling shocked, she was bereft of speech and could only stare blankly at Zoey Carter.
As Zoey looked back at Dorothy, she asked softly, “Are you Uncle Rockefeller’s wife? Haven’t you both already divorced?”
Again, Dorothy was in daze. “How did she… Hi, Zoey, I’m Dorothy Ass*x. You can address me as Auntie Dorothy. By the way, we haven’t divorced.”
Immediately, Zoey pursed her lips and let out a sigh. “Sigh, why didn’t you divorce? In that case, I can’t marry Uncle Rockefeller. It’s annoying!”
Dorothy’s eyes widened with a complete shock.
Alex quickly explained, “She’s still a kid, Dorothy. She knows nothing about divorce, so just don’t take it personally.”
Zoey argued loudly, “What makes you think I don’t know? I know we can sleep together after getting married. My friend in kindergarten, Melvin, always thinks about marrying me but I don’t want to because he will pee his pants and I’m worried that he will make my dress wet!”
Children’s words carried no harm. However, it was interesting, so Alex and Dorothy burst into laughter.
A moment after departure, Dorothy received a call from Claire.
Claire panicked like a cat on a hot tin roof after learning that her daughter got fired. That also meant the three of them — mother and daughters — no longer had any income, so how were they going to sustain themselves?
“I’ve heard that you got fired, Dorothy, isn’t it? Don’t get me worried, please.”
Alex clearly heard Claire’s voice from the phone.
He looked at Dorothy with surprise and heard she answered desolately, “Yes.”
The next second, Claire screamed loudly as though someone had stepped on her toes. “Gosh! It’s true! What now? What should we do? We have no money for food, and we’re going to live on air! Don’t tell me that we’re gonna beg for food? It’s all that bad Alex’s fault! That trash is incapable of doing anything but only creating problems! If it weren’t for him playing dumb in the Ass*x family, would you get fired? Would our family be in such a dire situation now?”
Dorothy replied as she glimpsed at Alex, “Mom, this has nothing to do with Alex. I have something else, let’s call it a day.”
“What’s it? What else is more important than the loss of family income? Come home now and we have to figure this out. Perhaps, we can seek help from Spark, we’ll be fine if he’s willing to help us.”
Alex was speechless as he heard her words. He could not believe that his mother-in-law was so realistic to that extent.
Dorothy said, “Mom, I really have to go, bye.”
She switched off her phone as soon as she put down the call.
However, Alex’s phone rang soon after.
Dorothy said, “Don’t answer!”
Alex switched it to silent mode and said, “I’m not that stupid. She will definitely lecture me if I answer.”
He then placed his hand on her lap and continued, “Don’t worry, I’ll support you financially as I made you lose your job.”
Zoey, who was in the rear seat, screamed, “Oh gosh! It’s blinding me! My eyes! My eyes!”
Alex asked helplessly, “What did your teacher teach you in the kindergarten, Zoey? Your teacher set a bad example for you..”
While resting her chin in her hands, Zoey answered, “Sigh, our teacher knows nothing!”
This child was impressive!
Along the journey, Dorothy insisted on getting some gifts and they filled up half of the car boot as though she only had the gut to see Brittany with those gifts.
They finally arrived at Maple Villa.
Dorothy tried very hard to suppress her curiosity as she followed Alex and entered the villa. At first glance, the villa was a few times superior than what her family owned, with a bigger area and more luxurious furnishing. There was even an indoor swimming pool!


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