The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 69

Then, she saw Brittany standing there lively with a couple beside her. She saw the photo of the man before—it was Charles Carter. The lady with a beautiful look, needless to say, was Charles’ wife, Hailey Lawson.
At the moment, Charles and Hailey were helping out Brittany in the kitchen.
Witnessing such a scene, Dorothy’s jaw almost dropped.
“Mom! You, you’ve recovered! That’s great!” Dorothy said.
“Dorothy.” Brittany smiled. “Awww, that’s kind so kind of you bringing so many gifts, you don’t have to do that.”
Brittany had a differing opinion about Dorothy as she heard that her son lived as though a slave in the Ass*x family and even got humiliated by his mother-in-law. How could she not be angry when that was her one and only son? However, Alex had been strongly speaking well of Dorothy in front of her. He claimed that those were just rumors and he was the incapable one who failed to live up to expectations. Brittany decided to let it go, especially after hearing that Dorothy stabbed her own chest in order to secure their marriage.
“Hey, Alex! Come and lend me a hand while I’m cooking.” Hailey took Alex away with a smile and let Zoey to play with her father.
Dorothy blinked her eyes, stunned and shocked with disbelief.
How could Alex be so close to the Carters?
She never heard that they had any connection!
Meanwhile, Emma ambitiously arrived at Waylon Realty with her secretary, Shermaine Ford.
Emma said, “Shermaine, I brought you here because I trust your capability. Don’t you ever screw up. When the time comes, you will have to sacrifice yourself even if you have to sleep with someone. After the deal is sealed, I’ll reward you with two millions dollars and we will be best friends.”
While gritting her teeth, Shermaine said with a nod, “Alright!”
However, after arriving at the entrance of Waylon Realty, the security guard kicked the two of them out as soon as he heard they were from Ass*x Constructions. “Get the hell out of here. Waylon Realty doesn’t welcome you.”
Emma immediately hinted at Shermaine with her eyes.
Shermaine got the message. Hence, after pulling down her collar a little and exposing her fair skins, she took a step forward and said, “Hey, sweetheart. I think there must be some misunderstanding. We are from Ass*x Constructions, and have a close working relationship with Waylon Realty.”
As she spoke, she drew closer and rubbed the guard’s chest with her hand!
Feeling shocked by her action, the guard then slapped Shermaine across her face without hesitation.
She was stunned by the sudden slap.
“F*ck you, b*tch! My wife is working here, how dare you harass me!? Do you think I wouldn’t beat the sh*t out of you? Get out of here now! Don’t ever think that you guys from Ass*x Constructions will be allowed to enter. This is an order! Are you two deaf?”
“Get out!”
While the two of them were getting shoved and chased out of the building by the guard, Emma writhed in pain as she sprained her ankle in high heels.
Shermaine said while covering her face, “GM, it seems that Ass*x Constructions has been blacklisted. Is there a conflict with Waylon Realty? Otherwise, they wouldn’t treat us this way.”
At this moment, Emma received a call from her father, Anderson. “I just got this news, Emma. Charles is not in the office today but at Maple Villa. Be there as soon as possible and get the deal. Your granny is now aware of this matter and told the young ones in the Ass*x family that whoever manages to seal the deal with Waylon Realty, will be rewarded with 10% of the shares from Ass*x Constructions and become the next general manager. You have to seize this opportunity at all costs as Jonathan, Charlotte and Bernadette are aggressively fighting for it as well.”
After hearing the news, Emma burst with excitement all of a sudden.
Ignoring the intense pain of her ankle, she said, “Let’s go to Maple Villa now, Shermaine. Failure will not be tolerated this time. I’ll reward you with ten million dollars if we get the deal, otherwise, you’re fired!”
However, as they arrived at the entrance of Maple Villa, they were still blocked by the guard, leaving them no way to go in.
Therefore, Emma lied and claimed that it was a matter of life and death and she must see Charles as soon as possible.
The security guard was helpful, hence, he hurriedly gave a call to Charles.
“Hi, Mr. Carter, a woman named Emma Ass*x has something urgent to see you…”
Before he managed to finish his sentence, his phone was snatched by Emma. “Hi, Mr. Carter, this is Emma from Ass*x Constructions. Can you give me five minutes for an important discussion?”
On the other side, Charles, Alex, and a few ladies had already seated for dinner.
After taking a glimpse at Dorothy, Charles said to the phone, “A moment, please.”
He then excused himself while pulling Alex aside.
“Hey, bro. Just to give you a heads up. Do you remember that I’ve terminated the collaboration with Ass*x Constructions out of anger when you were kicked out of the Ass*x family and got humiliated by your mother-in-law earlier? Emma Ass*x is just outside the villa now. She must be here for this matter. Do you think we should let her in?”


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