The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 7

Cassandra was startled.
Unfortunately, the balance of the card could not be displayed on the machine.
“It’s unbelievable, why does Mr. Jefferson respect him so much, even saying that he is a supreme VIP, I do not think there has been any supreme card in L.G. Balfour?” Her mind was filled with questions.
She could not seem to understand the reason. Alex had been living off the Ass*x’s family and served the Ass*x’s family as a nanny. Why was there such a huge contrast?
In the past, Alex had even poured water for her to wash her feet!
Chloe yelled, “Impossible, impossible, absolutely impossible. The machine must be broken. How can this garbage of a human have thirty million dollars? He shouldn’t even be able to withdraw three thousand dollars! You guys, double-check the transaction! Hurry up!”
Jefferson glared at Chloe. “So, are you trying to go back on your words here in the subsidiaries of the Thousand Miles Conglomerate? How dare you scold Master Alex? You dug your own grave! Guards, slap her!”
Thousand Miles Conglomerate had the most influence over the underworld in California.
Of course, their security guards had to be extraordinary.
Right after receiving the orders, Chloe was pinned down to the countertop and was slapped a dozen times in a row.
Her face was swollen and looked like a pig’s head.
The fattie that stood next to her didn’t dare to make a sound.
“Fattie, don’t forget about the jewelry with a three million dollars price tag!” Alex reminded him.
The fattie was about to cry. To him, three million dollars was not a small amount. However being confronted by the Thousand Miles Conglomerate, he didn’t have the guts to say no.
He answered promptly, “Okay, okay, I’ll buy it right away.”
When Chloe heard it, her eyes shone with excitement.
After shopping for half of a day here, they only bought a bracelet for two thousand dollars. She wanted to buy a jade bracelet, but the fattie had refused, he said that he would buy it after tonight…
Now that he was going to purchase a piece of jewelry for three million dollars, she should thank Alex!
As she was about to reach out to the jewelry, the fattie pushed her away. “Go away, who said that this was for you?”
Chloe shouted, “If it was not for me, then whom is it for?”
Fattie replied, “I’m buying this for my mother. From now on, this will be my family’s heirloom. You are not worthy of being my wife. You’re just a b*tch, stop daydreaming!”
Chloe was furious. She lunged herself at Fattie and started a fight with him.
Finally, Jefferson gave an order to drag and kick them all out.
Cassandra looked at Alex with mixed emotions, at last, she couldn’t help but ask, “I don’t understand. How can you be so rich, being able to casually buy a piece of jewelry worth thirty million dollars, but yet allow Lady Dorothy to sell her wedding ring for the sake of your mother? Have you been lying to her to manipulate her feelings?”
Alex answered, “That is my business, you won’t understand.”
Then he said, “Bring out that wedding ring!”
Jefferson said, “Hurry up! How dare you! You should quickly take it out when the master has asked. Otherwise, you are going to pay the price.”
Cassandra dared not to hesitate, she hurriedly took the ring out, and said, “According to the company’s policy, the company paid half a million dollars for this diamond ring. If you wish to purchase it back, the selling price must be doubled, so you will have to pay one million dollars for it.”
Jefferson slapped Cassandra again and cursed, “Double? Are you out of your mind? Don’t you know Master Alex’s identity? He is the owner of Thousand Miles Conglomerate. Does he need to pay for a ring like this?”
This guy was very rough and didn’t look like a general manager of a jewelry store. He must be from the underworld.
Cassandra’s eyes bulged, doubting her ears. Mr. Jefferson had said that Alex owned the entire Thousand Miles Conglomerate. How was it possible?
He was not a loser.
He was the secret boss after all.
Alex said, “That’s enough Mr. Jefferson, no need to publicize this, it will only create unpleasant rumors.”
Jefferson quickly slapped himself. “I’m sorry, Master. It was my mistake. Please deal with me as you please.”
Alex was speechless.
After that, he looked at Cassandra. “What have you promised?”
Cassandra was startled.
After that, she lowered her head and said in extreme humiliation, “Father!”
Alex said, “Remember, I don’t want anyone to know my identity, including Lady Dorothy. Do make sure you keep it under wraps, otherwise, you will face the consequences.”
Cassandra was aware of how powerful Thousand Miles Conglomerate was. She quickly nodded her head when she heard his words.
Jefferson said, “Master, shall we…”
With his thumb, he drew an invisible line across his neck.
When Cassandra saw and understood what it meant, she was so scared that her heart skipped a beat!
Alex said, “There’s no need for that, she is my wife’s best friend. Also, she is now my daughter. Give her a chance. Let her work here and please take good care of her.”
“Alright, then. Let’s promote her to the manager on the third floor, what do you think?” Jefferson asked.
“Do as you please,” Alex replied.
Alex carried jewelry worth millions of dollars in his hands. Under the escort of Cassandra and Jefferson, he walked out of L.G. Balfour. Cassandra was dumbfounded. It was a blessing in disguise that she was promoted to manager.
The way she looked at Alex had changed.
Right at that moment, a Rolls-Royce Phantom appeared in front of them.
The person in the car was Lord Lex Gunther.
Cassandra saw Lord Lex escort Alex into the car respectfully before it drove away.
Alex said to Lord Lex Gunther, “Lord Lex, I have a favor to ask.”
Lord Lex Gunther replied promptly, “Young Master, your wish is my command. I am always at your service.”
“Do you happen to know this person by the name Sir Gaston in Thousand Miles Conglomerate? Recently he signed a contract with my wife’s company, Ass*x Constructions. At the reception, I saw him bullying my wife and asked her to sleep with him.”
“Son of a b*tch!”
Lord Lex Gunther was furious. “Lady Dorothy got involved?! He practically signed his own death warrant, what is his full name?”
“I don’t know. Sir Gaston was all that I know. Is there no such person by your side?”
“I don’t recall anyone with the family name of Gaston, but I will check it out right away. I will get to the bottom of this by tomorrow.”
“Okay, I’ll wait for your news.” Alex nodded, and he said, “By the way, about the fact that my dad is the founder of Thousand Miles Conglomerate, don’t publicize it. Keep it in the dark as it has always been and stop addressing me as master from now on, just Mr. Alex.”
Lord Lex Gunther was stunned, then nodded. “Very well, keeping it low may keep you safe. There are lots of opponents in Thousand Miles Conglomerate. I’m afraid that it might lead to you and Lady Dorothy. I will address you Mr. Alex when we are outside.”
Alex’s eyes fluttered. He hadn’t thought about it before.
Come to think of it, he should try to keep a low profile.
Lord Lex Gunther’s name was well known to be the greatest gang leader in California. He must be living life under the glint of armors and flash of swords. He must have countless enemies.
After that, Lord Lex Gunther took out another card. “This is Thousand Miles Conglomerate’s Supreme VIP Card. Expenses in all the subsidiaries will be waived. Take it, it will save you a lot of trouble and may hide your identity.”
“Okay! I’m leaving!” said Alex.
“Master, let me drive you home, going to the Ass*x’s residence?” Lord Lex replied.
“Hmm…” Alex pondered. He surely cannot enter the Ass*x’s residence now as his mother-in-law might lop his head off. “Send me to a hotel, any hotel will do.”
“The Golden Age of Youth Hotel it is!” Lord Lex exclaimed.
“Is that necessary?” asked Alex.
That was the most expensive and luxurious hotel in California.
Lord Lex Gunther smiled and said, “Master, that’s your property too!”


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