The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 70

Charles would definitely reject her if it was the time before he met Dorothy.
However, now that Alex and Dorothy decided not to divorce after reconciliation, so Charles could only think of seeking Alex’s opinion.
When Alex heard that, he was a little shocked as he did not expect that Charles would do that for him.
However, he shook his head as soon as he heard the name “Emma Ass*x”. “Just a while ago, my wife has just got fired by Ass*x Constructions and the one who replaces her seems to be Emma Ass*x.”
Charles was shocked. Never did he believe that Dorothy would be fired by Ass*x Constructions despite she was a member of the Ass*x family.
Alex smiled awkwardly. “It’s my fault. Now Dorothy has to suffer for me because I offended Madame Joanne a few days ago.”
At this moment, Alex’s phone rang and the name “Beatrice Ass*x” appeared on the screen.
After pondering for a while, he decided to answer the call.
However, Claire’s voice was heard. “Hey, Alex, is Dorothy with you?”
“Anything urgent? Otherwise, I have to hang up.”
“Wait, wait! Let me tell you something urgent. Since Dorothy got fired, Madame Joanne has given her word. Now that the agreement between Ass*x Constructions and Waylon Realty has expired, hence whoever junior from the Ass*x family manages to seal the new deal with Waylon Realty will be the next general manager of Ass*x Constructions and acquire 10% of the company shares. You must inform Dorothy and urge her to seize this opportunity. Otherwise, our family will be finished. You’re also finished, and so does your mom. Do you get it?”
Her voice was very loud to the extent that Charles could hear it.
As a strange smile appeared on his face, he said, “The quality of the construction materials from Ass*x Constructions are relatively good. I actually have an idea…”
A moment later.
Emma heard Charles’ voice. “Okay, come in. I’m at No. 8 Villa.”
Emma was very excited as she heard that.
A good start was equivalent to halfway mark on the road of success.
Shermaine was also very excited as if the ten million dollars were already waving their hands at her. She even thought about how she could spend those ten million dollars and had psychologically prepared to seduce Charles… She even wondered if she really managed to hook up with Mr. Carter, would it not be a decent luck?
It seemed that it was really a fortunate year for her. She was glad that she picked the right alliance, otherwise, she would not be so lucky now if she sided with Dorothy.
Therefore, they entered No. 8 Villa.
Both Emma and Shermaine’s eyes almost popped out of their heads as they saw Dorothy and Alex were having dinner with Charles’ family.
“How is this possible? This isn’t real.”
Both of them desperately winked their eyes but they definitely did not see them wrongly. They were indeed Dorothy and Alex. However, they did not know Brittany.
Dorothy was shocked as well, as she did not expect Emma’s arrival.
Charles said, “Emma, is it? We are having family dinner. You only have five minutes. Tell me, what is it about?”
Emma regained her composure after a while.
Perhaps she had limited capability, hence, she got nervous when encountering such an unexpected situation. While stuttering, she said, “Car… Mr. Carter, yes. I’m the general manager of Ass*x Constructions’ subsidiary company in City South…”
Charles interrupted. “Straight to the point, please.”
Emma said after swallowing some saliva, “I’d…. I’d like to invite Mr. Carter to renew the contract with Ass*x Constructions. I’ll try my best to fulfill any terms and conditions as per your request.”
Shermaine knew it was going to be difficult when Emma said that.
“Haha!” Hailey let out a sardonic laugh. “Any terms and conditions? Does that include sleeping with someone else?”
Emma quickly explained, “No, no, I don’t mean that. I mean, I’ll try my best to fulfill the commercial terms and conditions.”
Charles asked with a smile as he looked at Dorothy, “What do you think, sis-in-law?”
As soon as she heard what Charles addressed Dorothy, Shermaine’s facial expression changed instantly as if her heart was being stabbed. Just a while ago, she even provoked Dorothy that she was talented enough to pick a beneficial alliance. However, did it not seem that she had picked the wrong alliance now?
How could Dorothy become Charles’ sister-in-law?
Dorothy answered with derision, “Charles, I think I’m not going to give my opinion on this matter since I’m no longer an employee of Ass*x Constructions.”


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