The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 71

Charles nodded and waved at Emma and Shermaine. “I think Ass*x Constructions is not suitable for Waylon Realty, both of you can leave now.”
Emma said, “Ain’t you gonna say something, Dorothy? Even though you’re no longer an employee of Ass*x Constructions, you’re still part of the Ass*xes. Help me, I’ll pay you ten million dollars if we get the deal.”
Dorothy lowered her head and continued with her meal. She was too lazy to even look at her due to the worrying intelligence of that woman.
Charles chided, “Get out of here! Do you think you can just get anything from Waylon Realty solely with your connection?”
Both women were kicked out of the villa.
The door banged shut behind them.
Emma was extremely pissed off and her eyes were filled with malice.
Shermaine had a gloomy yet regretful expression on her face. If Dorothy had Charles to back her up, she would not have to worry about losing her position as a general manager. However, Shermaine herself would certainly lose her job if Charles refused to renew the contract with Ass*x Constructions.
She thought about her newly bought property and the huge sum of loan. She would not be able to pay for the installments if she lost her job.
At the moment, her legs gave away due to the extreme anxiety.

In Ass*x Manor, Madame Joanne was anxiously sitting on her usual elevated seat while the descendants of the Ass*xes were sitting there in fear and trepidation.
They all knew that once they lost the collaboration contract with Waylon Realty, the Ass*xes would be finished and they would face bankruptcy three months later.
“What should we do now? We have spent so much and even borrowed a big amount of bank loans! Who’s the idiot who decided to bulk purchase the materials in advance?!”
“I think it’s better to sell off the materials at a cheaper price now to cut loss.”
“That’s a big hassle and the value of Ass*xes’ assets would be reduced by half. Besides that, who can afford to buy so many stocks in California?”
Suddenly, Emma came in.
Anderson quickly took a few steps forward. “Hey girl, how was it? Did you manage to see Mr. Carter?”
Emma nodded. “Yes, I did.”
The Ass*xes were instantly delighted and came closer.
“How was it? Did you get the contract?” Old Madame Ass*x asked nervously.
Emma shook her head. “No.”
Everyone at the scene immediately looked disappointed.
Emma continued and said, “It’s all because of that b*tch, Dorothy Ass*x! Waylon Realty refused to sign with Ass*x Constructions because of her doings. She threw a monkey wrench in the works so that Mr. Carter wouldn’t sign the contract with us.”
“What? Dorothy? Why would she do that?”
“Because she got fired, so she messed this up out of anger.”
“Does Dorothy have this capability?” Anderson doubted.
Emma continued angrily, “Do you know what I saw when I met Mr. Carter? Dorothy and her trashy husband visited Mr. Carter and were having dinner with his family! He even asked Dorothy’s opinion. He would sign the contract if she agreed, but she refused to!”
Anderson hit hard on the table. “This is absurd! This b*tch really deserves to die! Mom, I suggest kicking Dorothy, Beatrice, and Claire out of the family and never allow them to return!”
Madame Joanne remained expressionless. “And then? We are all doomed together, waiting for bankruptcy?”
The rest of the Ass*xes were left speechless. “Huh…”
Madame Joanne said coldly, “Indeed, Dorothy deserves to die, but we can’t kick them out of the family now. In contrast, we have to persuade her nicely! You’re the one who decided to fire her and your daughter is the one who replaced her position. Later, both of you should bow your head and apologize to her, and return the position of general manager to her.”
Emma was shocked with disbelief as she could not accept it.


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