The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 9

There was pin-drop silence!
Everyone in that private dining room was shocked.
But a few seconds later, a burst of laughter broke the silence.
Everyone laughed.
Only Lady Dorothy was deeply disappointed after being shocked.
Madame Claire then exclaimed, “You can afford to buy the Love in a Fallen City necklace worth thirty million dollars? Did you sleep on the street last night? You must be still asleep, still dreaming about it huh? If you can afford this necklace, I will eat this table.”
Alex replied indifferently, “Mum, you don’t need to eat the table, your teeth are not strong enough to bite it.”
Madame Claire raised her brows and glared, “Mum? Who is your mother? Your mother is still in the hospital, half-dead! From today onwards, Spark Rockefeller is my only son-in-law, and he is the only one qualified to address me as a mum. You, divorce Dorothy in the afternoon.”
Alex glanced and clenched his fist.
“What? Are you angry? How dare trash like you be angry at me, dare to beat me up?” Madame Claire pointed at her head, “Come on, here, beat my head, if you dare to beat me, I lose!”
Alex couldn’t be bothered to deal with this shrew.
Instead, he looked at Lady Dorothy and said, “Dorothy, I told you I am not who I used to be. Now I can protect you and everyone around me. The Love in a Fallen City necklace inside of this jewelry box is the proof! L.G. Balfour only had one Love in a Fallen City necklace, the only one in the world, which is exactly the one I bought, the rest are fake!”
“Also, I retrieved our wedding ring, and it’s in this box.”
As soon as he stopped talking, he heard Madame Claire roaring with laughter. “Listen, Dorothy. Listen carefully, what kind of bullsh*t is he spouting? How shameless, he must have gone insane! How dare he say that Spark’s Love in a Fallen City necklace is fake. Is yours genuine? Yours must be fake too.”
Spark said, “Yes! Alex, this is a real eye-opener. Bunch of bullshit. With my current status as Spark Rockefeller, do you think I will use a fake necklace to deceive people? Thirty million dollars means nothing to me, but what about you? You knelt to Mum, begging for half a million dollars yesterday. No one would believe in you.”
Alex heard Spark addressing Madame Claire as his mother.
He was speechless.
He looked at Lady Dorothy, “Dorothy, do you believe in me?”
Lady Dorothy couldn’t believe in him.
She asked, “Let me ask you, you said you have a way to solve the threat by Thousand Miles Conglomerate, have you done it?”
Alex said, “My people are working on it, news will be here soon.”
Spark laughed and said, “You liar, do you know anyone from Thousand Miles Conglomerate? Even if you kneel in front of the entrance of Thousand Miles Conglomerate for three days and three nights, no one will help you. You are talking smack.”
Lady Dorothy sighed and said nothing.
She knew that she shouldn’t have pinned her hopes on him at all.
At this moment, Alex’s cell phone rang.
He looked at the caller ID on the screen, and it was the boss of Thousand Miles Conglomerate, Lord Lex Gunther.
He picked up the call.
Lord Lex Gunther said on the other side, “Master, I have checked with the matter, and I’ve found the person. Would you like me to drown this person?
Alex was overjoyed and looked at Spark.
He remembered Lady Dorothy had told him yesterday that she wanted to take revenge with her own hands.
He said immediately, “That’s too easy on him, I will take care of him myself.”
Lord Lex Gunther said, “Okay, where are you, Master? I’ll pick you up.”
Alex said, “Don’t bother, I’ll be there.”
Lord Lex Gunther replied, “Okay, I’m at Hell’s Angels.”
He hung up.
Alex said to Lady Dorothy, “It has been resolved, Thousand Miles Conglomerate will no longer threaten you. That rascal Sir Gaston has been found. If he dares to think about laying a finger on you again, I will take revenge on him myself! I will kill him!”
Then right after that, he felt hungry.
He sat down, grabbed a bowl of salad, and gobbled it up.
When Madame Claire saw him eating like a hungry hippo, she shot him a look of disdain. “You can’t even afford to have a proper meal, how dare you continue to daydream!”
Lady Dorothy didn’t believe it at all.
Looking at Alex talking big and fantasizing, she was heartbroken.
She stood up abruptly, took up a cup, and splashed it on his face, “I beg you, would you please wake up? Stop dreaming! When will you stop making a fool of yourself? You should take care of your mother in the hospital!”
Alex swallowed the food and wiped his face.
“Dorothy, you must trust me, just wait, you will receive the news soon!”
Full of confidence, he turned around and left.
Madame Claire grabbed the jewelry box angrily, threw it out the door, and cursed, “You’re crazy! Take your bloody broken box with you. Who knows what is in there? Get out! If I knew you were trash back then, I would never have agreed to let you marry Dorothy.”
The jewelry box was thrown open.
Inside, both the wedding ring and the Love in a Fallen City necklace fell out.
Madame Claire was stunned.
She didn’t expect there to be a necklace in the box.
Alex picked up the wedding ring. As he was about to pick up the necklace, a woman picked it up.
Looking up, it turned out to be that beautiful Dr. Cheryl Coney.
“Dr. Cheryl, why are you here?” Alex was slightly startled.
“I’m here to have a meal with a friend.” She was slightly surprised after glancing at the Love in a Fallen City necklace, and smiled, “Such a beautiful necklace, you should take care of it, here you are.”
“Isn’t it beautiful?”
Alex smiled bitterly.
He had spent thirty million dollars on the necklace, but it was thrown away like garbage, “Here, you can have it, the rest think that it’s fake anyway.”
After speaking, he left without looking back.
Dr. Cheryl held the necklace in a daze and finally looked at the people in the private dining room.
She put away the necklace and walked towards her private dining room.
It was just a fake necklace, take it and leave!
Madame Claire sneered. “See? Giving it away easily to a passer-by like this, and he still dares to claim that it is the Love in a Fallen City necklace that is worth thirty million dollars? Look who got hold of the genuine Love in a Fallen City necklace now! Dorothy, you should thank Spark, keep the present! This necklace is a token of Spark’s love for you.”
Lady Dorothy was moody and shook her head. “This is too expensive, I cannot accept it.”
Madame Claire took the necklace, and said, “You silly girl. Alright, I will keep it for you, until the day you marry Spark.”
At this moment, Cassandra walked in.
“Dorothy, you’re here! I was looking for you all over!”
She heard that Lady Dorothy and Alex Rockefeller might be divorcing, so she came to help keep their marriage together.
She knew that Alex had Thousand Miles Conglomerate supporting him.
That was a real big shot!
If she could hold on to being a friend of Alex and Dorothy, she could be at peace of mind for the rest of her life…
But she didn’t know the reason for Alex keeping his identity a secret. She could not let the cat out of the bag, the best that she could do was help them salvage their relationship.
In fact, in her heart, she wanted to marry Alex the most!
“Hey, this necklace…”
She suddenly saw the necklace in Madame Claire’s hand, “Why does it look like the Love in a Fallen City necklace?”
Madame Claire bragged and said, “Cassandra, you are right, this is the one and only Love in a Fallen City necklace, and it is Spark’s love token to Dorothy.”
Cassandra looked at the necklace, then at Spark Rockefeller.
After that, she showed disdain and said, “I think you are deceived by someone with ulterior motives. This is not the Love in a Fallen City necklace at all, it’s a replica. It’s fake.”
Spark stood up with a gloomy expression, “Bullsh*t! What do you know about authenticity? This is the genuine Love in a Fallen City necklace!”
Cassandra sneered. “I sold the genuine Love in a Fallen City necklace. How can I not know? This necklace is fake!”
As soon as she said that, everyone in the Ass*x family was confused.


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