The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 10

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 10

Willow had heard that Nolan and Maisie had come to the raw material warehouse, as well as that Director Chester had gotten summoned. Thus, she had hurried over in fear that something would be unveiled. 

She suppressed the panic in her heart and asked as if she did not know anything about the matter, “What happened? Nolan, why are you here?”

‘D*mn it. This b*tch has come back here just to make my life difficult, huh? She even found her way into the raw material warehouse!

‘Back then, I did order them to acquire a batch of adulterated rough diamonds in order to save a significant amount of money. But I didn’t expect that this b*tch would deliberately bring up this issue as soon as she’s back!’

Nolan looked at her and asked indifferently, “What’s the matter with these adulterated ores?”

Willow could not help but clench her fist, but she still acted as if she was innocent. “I’m not sure. You should know that I don’t know anything about rough diamonds and gemstones. The acquisition of rough diamonds does go through my approval over the years, but I’ve always thought that they were the same as those that came in before.”

Her ignorance when it came to rough diamonds turned out to be beneficial to her.

Maisie chuckled. “Father is so magnanimous. He actually handed over the company to someone who doesn’t know anything about jewelry. He is just not afraid that the company would really go bankrupt, huh?”

“I… I really don’t know about it.” Willow had run out of ideas, so all she could do was stare at Nolan. “Nolan, you have to believe me.”

‘Maisie, you b*tch, I’ll chase her away sooner or later!

It was not that Nolan did not believe in Maisie’s suspicion. It was just that Willow had always been by his side these years. Even though she knew nothing about the fashion and jewelry industry, she was asking and learning from him all this while. He knew that Willow did not look like a pretender.

He shifted his gaze onto Director Chester. “You’ve been fired.”

Director Chester was stupefied, but he accepted that the other party was someone he could not afford to cross.

Willow bit her lip as she witnessed Director Chester being fired. It was fortunate that Nolan trusted her.

Nolan turned his head and said to Maisie, “You’ll be in charge of the acquisition of rough diamonds and other raw materials from now on.”

He then left the raw material warehouse after saying so.

While Maisie was walking back to her office, Willow caught up to her, stretched out her hand, and grabbed her. “Maisie Vanderbilt, you did that on purpose, didn’t you?”

Maisie turned around, glanced at her, and asked amusedly, “What did I do on purpose?”

“You… Did you approach Nolan on purpose? You even led him to the raw material warehouse, did you? Heh, do you think that Nolan would believe you?”

A hint of complacency flashed across Willow’s eyes. “You’ve seen it yourself. I’m the one that Nolan trusts, so don’t even bother to think about plotting against me anymore.”

“Oh, are you saying that I brought him to the raw material warehouse in order to sow discord between the two of you and told him that the rough diamonds were adulterated to make him suspicious of you?”

Seeing Willow’s upset expression, Maisie scoffed with her arms crossed in front of her. “What makes you think that I have the time to care about the relationship between the two of you? He’s the one who wanted to follow me to the raw material warehouse. Does that have something to do with me too?”

“Maisie, don’t you ever think that I’ll believe anything that comes out of you.”

“If you don’t believe it, then just don’t. Why bother to blabber all these to me?”

Maisie was really annoyed and added, “I’m not done with you when it comes to the batch of adulterated rough diamonds. If it weren’t for the fact that my mother founded Vaenna Jewelry and I could not bear to expose the matter, I couldn’t care less about the number of cushions that you have behind you.”

Nolan could indeed cover the sky, but Maisie was not a pushover that some random person could stop.

She was about to leave when Willow grasped her again. “Maisie Vanderbilt, don’t think that you can do whatever you want just because you’re back. Don’t you forget that your video is—”

Maisie could not bear it anymore, so she turned around and snatched her mobile phone.

“What are you doing?” Willow wanted to grab it back, but Maisie evaded her.

Looking at Willow’s fearful expression, Maisie smiled. “You’ve always loved to threaten me with that video, haven’t you?”

She walked to one of the windows of the corridor, stretched her hand out of the window, and let go of the cell phone all of a sudden.

Willow watched as her cell phone dropped from the 19th floor. It could only end up shattering into millions of pieces. “You!”

“You do love to threaten me with that video, don’t you? Let’s see how you’re going to threaten me in the future now that the video is a thing of the past.” Maisie went back into her office without looking back.

Willow was trembling with rage, but she also felt relieved and favored thinking that the video had been destroyed.

‘Let it be. Nolan will never find out who the woman was from that now.

‘Nolan is probably disappointed in me because of what that b*tch brought up today. I can’t wait any longer. I can only become Nolan’s woman after I’ve scored the jackpot with Nolan tonight!’

The dusk had arrived.

At the study of the Goldmann mansion…

“Sir, I’ve got it. Maisie Vanderbilt is the daughter that Stephen Vanderbilt had with his ex-wife. She’s the eldest daughter of the Vanderbilts. Maisie’s mother was a jewelry designer. Her mother and Stephen Vanderbilt founded Vaenna Jewelry. All the company’s shares had been in Stephen’s possession ever since the death of Maisie’s mother. The reason Maisie went abroad six years ago is still unknown.” Quincy’s voice came from the cell phone that was placed at the side.

Nolan had Zora’s information in his hands and was scanning through the documents. His eyes dimmed as soon as he listened to Quincy’s explanation.

‘Is she targeting Willow because she’s not reconciled with the fact that the company is now in Willow’s possession? However, if Maisie is a member of the Vanderbilts, why didn’t Willow recognize her from the very beginning?’

It was already getting late. Nolan placed everything behind him, went back to the room, and noticed that someone was on his bed. He then turned on the light and saw Willow sitting up from his bed in thin and revealing sleepwear.

His eyes turned cold, and he asked indifferently, “Why are you in my room?”

He might allow her to stay in the Goldmann mansion, but he did not allow her to sleep in his bedroom.

Willow wore this dress deliberately and had hinted at him so blatantly, but it seemed to have upset him.

She bit her lower lip as she felt a little unwilling. “Nolan, I’ve been thinking, you’ve never allowed me to get any closer to you ever since that night from six years ago. Did I do something wrong?”

Her expression looked very innocent, pitiful, gentle, and helpless.

‘Nolan is an ordinary man. It would surely be fake to say that he doesn’t feel anything.’

Seeing that he did not speak anymore, Willow took the initiative to get off the bed and hugged him. She wrapped her arms around his neck, tiptoed, and tried to kiss him.

When Willow’s lips were approaching him, Maisie’s face flashed across Nolan’s mind, and he pushed Willow away abruptly with a hint of disgust beaming from his eyes.

“Nolan…” Willow, who got pushed away, was bewildered. “Nolan, I… Am I that abhorrent to you?”

‘Why? Why could he get all over Maisie on that night six years ago, but not when he’s with me?’

“What happened six years ago was an accident. I’m letting you stay by my side, and I can compensate you with whatever you want. What happened tonight is not to be taken as a precedent.”

Nolan thought of something when he turned around and turned back to look at Willow. “Maisie is a family member of the Vanderbilts, am I right?”

Willow was startled.

‘Why would he mention Maisie all of a sudden? Did he find out something?’

“She is my younger sister…”

“Then why did you not recognize her when she came to the company but slapped her in the face?” Nolan initially thought that the woman might have provoked Willow in order for the latter to do so.

He had only found out that she was from the Vanderbilts after looking into her background information. He also discovered that Vaenna Jewelry was founded in the name of that woman’s mother, and Stephen was just one of the company’s shareholders.

Willow bit her lip lightly and clenched her hands tightly, but she gave off an innocent look on her face. “Actually, my sister and I bear a grudge from before.”

“What’s the grudge about?”

Willow thought of something, and her eyes turned bloodshot. “She’s the person who drugged me on that night six years ago. I know that she’s been targeting my mother and me ever since we arrived at the Vanderbilts because I’m the illegitimate daughter. She was the candidate who was about to take over Vaenna Jewelry originally, but my father was very angry and drove her away because of that incident.”

Nolan’s face dimmed slightly.

’She was also drugged six years ago? Did that woman really do such a thing to Willow? However, judging from that woman’s arrogance, it’s not impossible.’

Nolan did not know the reason why he would feel irritated because of this.

“You should get some rest.” Nolan left indifferently.

Willow’s gaze gradually turned heinous after the door was closed.

‘Maisie, Maisie, it’s Maisie again! Maisie’s existence is simply a threat to me. I can’t let that b*tch stay in Vaenna, that’s for sure!’


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