The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1197

Chapter 1197

At Bassburgh, at Soul…

Lucy had become even closer to Naomi because of yesterday’s incident. She even sat with Naomi during lunch.

Probably because Lucy had always been an enthusiastic and talkative person, and Naomi was a rather introverted woman, their interaction made it look like Naomi was very offhand with Lucy.

After finishing her lunch, Naomi left the office restaurant first, and two female staff members approached Lucy. “Lulu, why are you paying so much attention to Naomi? All she’s been doing is giving the cold shoulder all this while.”

“You’ve misunderstood Naomi. She didn’t ignore me.” Lucy lifted her head, looked at

them, and added, “She’s actually quite a nice person instead of the sort of person that we thought she was.” “But do you know her as well as you think you do?” The female employee looked around and continued. “I heard someone saying that Naomi came to the company in a luxury car this morning, and the man who sent her looks quite old. Not to mention that she’s gotten herself a new phone.”

Lucy knew that Naomi had replaced her phone and responded helplessly, “That’s because her phone was damaged yesterday. It’s perfectly normal for her to replace her phone.”

“The key is not in the new phone, but in its case. Do you know what the case’s brand is? It’s the brand new limited edition case that Buccellati produced, and the brand’s main selling point is the customizability of its product. The celebrity Helios Boucher even endorsed it before this. A phone case from the brand costs $15,000!”

Lucy’s eyes twitched. She had noticed that Naomi’s phone case was inlaid with small diamonds, which made it look extremely elegant and slick.

She thought it was only an exaggeration.” Is it even possible for a phone case to cost $ 15,000? Besides, maybe she’s only bought one that looks similar to the real deal?”

One of the staff members took out her cell phone, searched for the product on Buccellati’s official website, and showed her search result right in front of Lucy’s face. “It’s a genuine diamond-encrusted cell phone case, and it’s one of the company’s high -end products.

Til leave it to you to see it for yourself and determine if it’s the same model. It’s said here that only five of them are available worldwide, and there are only three left, and the pre-order period will only go on for half a month ever since the product’s release. So, other companies can’t imitate this company’s design and come up with fakes.”

‘There will only be a chance for high-quality imitations to appear in the market if this cell phone case has been released for a long time. However, it’s only been less than half a month since the phone case was released, not to mention that it’s also a limited edition product. So, others can’t produce imitations or fakes, isn’t it?’

“What’s more, which company would be so mindless to come up with a business decision to produce a batch of high-quality imitations before the popularity of this product subsides? It’s a designer brand that focuses on private orders. So, how much money would the merchants have to pay if Buccellati were to look into this matter and wish to take legal actions against the

companies that produce the imitations?”

Lucy did not speak anymore.

The female staff added, “Who in the working class can afford a cell phone case that costs $15,000? Even if some of them had the money to afford it, they’d still be very reluctant to make this purchase.” “Yeah, and she’s always been wearing cheaper clothes, so her family background must be ordinary. And all of a sudden, she’s coming to work in a luxury car, replacing her original phone with a new one, and getting herself an extremely high-end cell phone case. Thus, if she’s not made a large fortune, then she must’ve found herself a sugar daddy.”

Lucy responded while cleaning up her silverware, “That’s enough. That’s someone else’s business, so you girls should stop talking about such pointless things.” She then got up and left.

The female employees looked at each other. ‘We’re just gossiping. That’s not a crime, is it? And since when did Lucy become so close to Naomi?’

At Coralia…

Maisie and Nolan came to the Vanderbilts’ ancestral mansion. The ancestral mansion was located quite far away from downtown Coralia, so it took them half an hour to get to the mansion from the city in a taxi, but it was very close to the airport.

The Vanderbilts’ ancestral mansion was a mansion that the family had built years ago. There was a small four-story mansion located in the middle of a private courtyard.


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