The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1199

Chapter 1199

Maisie did not plan to stay for lunch. She had come here just to tell Yorick about Hector’s plan to go abroad and left after achieving her objective.

Maisie was so hungry on the way back that her stomach started gurgling.

Nolan could not help but laugh out loud. “Didn’t you just tell your uncle that you’re not hungry?”

Maisie pouted. “Can’t you hear that the gurgling has just started?”

He held her in his arms and rested his chin on the top of her head. “What do you feel like eating?”

Maisie gave it a thought. “I want to eat the Schweinshaxe that’s very famous among

the locals. I really want to eat that now.” Nolan’s eyes curved into two crescents. “Okay.”

At Soul

After a few female staff members went to the restroom, they stood in front of the sinks to wash their hands, retouched their makeup, and chit-chatted during their spare time.

“Naomi can actually afford such a luxurious phone case. She must have found herself a sugar daddy, right?”

“Who knows? But it’s no wonder she’s so indifferent and arrogant. That’s because we’re not on the same level as she is.” “I can’t bear to see all the cold shoulders that she’s been giving Lucy all this while. And the main thing is that Lucy still believes that she means well.”

“Lucy is very competent at currying favor with people. Otherwise, how could she go from being Kennedy’s assistant to the administrative department manager in such a short time? I’ve been in Soul for a longer time compared to her.”

The other female staff exchanged gazes and seemed to think that she was right.

“Lucy is only 23 years old, and she’s been promoted from a tiny assistant to the manager of the administration department within two years of joining Sou. That’s a very fast march for someone like her.

‘However, it’s mainly because Ms.

Vanderbilt likes Lucy very much, and it’s obvious to everyone that Lucy knows how to please her superiors.’

After they left the bathroom, Naomi, who came out of one of the toilet cubicles, stood in front of the sink and washed her hands.

She looked at her own reflection in the mirror. She had heard everything that the other employees said just now, but judging from their relationship with Lucy, she did not expect that they would think of her as a sycophant from behind her back…

Naomi was walking on the promenade and coincidentally ran into those female staff members. They were chatting with Lucy as if they had never said those words. After the female staff left, Lucy turned around and saw Naomi. Lucy was holding a stack of documents in her hand as she walked toward Naomi with a wide grin.” Naomi.”

Naomi smiled at her. “Are you going to send documents again?”

She nodded. “Yeah, it’s Tuesday today, so I have to hand in the weekly attendance and performance sheet.” “Can I go with you? I’ve finished all my tasks, and I don’t know what to do.” Naomi took the initiative to ask if she could go along, and it was her first time doing so, which was a little surprising to Lucy. Lucy glanced at Naomi for a while. “Okay.”

Naomi grabbed some documents from Lucy, and the two went to a handful of departments to deliver them. While they were on their way, Lucy kept chatting with her. She had always been a very bubbly and cheerful person, and she just loved to talk to others.

Naomi thought of what the female employees had said.

‘I don’t think Lucy is trying to flatter anyone. She’s just good at holding small talks and conversations.

‘A person who knows how to chat with others and has a cheerful personality… It’s very difficult for her not to be liked and approached by others.’

Seeing Lucy’s relishing appearance, Naomi pursed her lips and then asked her, “Do you care about how other people think of you

Lucy was startled. She thought Naomi was asking her for some advice and laughed. “I don’t really care.” She then thought of something. “Then… Do you care?”

Naomi lowered her gaze. “I don’t care either.” Lucy guessed that Naomi should have heard others bad-mouthing her behind her back and comforted her. “Actually, you don’t have to care what others think of you. You should always do what you want. And you don’t have to feel bad. I believe in you.”

“Huh?” Standing at the elevator entrance, Naomi stared at Lucy and could not help but freeze in place.


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