The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 12

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 12

‘A designer?’ 

Nolan’s expression turned slightly solemn, and he could not help but stare at Colton. “What’s her name?”

“Our mommy isn’t very well-known, so you won’t even know who she is even if we were to disclose her name to you. By the way, mister, do you have a girlfriend?” Colton changed the subject swiftly.

Nolan squinted.

‘A girlfriend? There’s a woman living with me, but I’ve never admitted that she’s my girlfriend.’

Colton smiled. “How about we introduce our mommy to you? Although our mommy isn’t very well-known, she’s very awesome. Not to mention that our mommy looks gorgeous. Just look at us! You should be able to imagine just how beautiful our mommy is!”

Nolan pressed his lips together tightly and did not utter a single word.

‘These two children do look exceptionally outstanding, so the woman who gave birth to them should probably not look too bad.

‘But for some reason, it’s almost impossible for me to believe that they really have nothing to do with me whenever I look at them. But Willow didn’t get pregnant or give birth to any children before this.

‘Moreover, this little girl’s face seems familiar the more I look at her…’

Colton’s smartwatch vibrated, so he lowered his head and took a glance. It was a call from Waylon.

He gave an excuse and got up. “Mister, I need to go to the bathroom.”

Colton ran to the bathroom entrance, pressed the answer button, and placed the watch by his ear. “Waylon?”

Waylon was in the hospital at the moment and had gotten his hands on the DNA results. “Colton, the result is already out.”

“Is he our daddy?”

“Yes, he’s our daddy!”

Colton nodded and frowned after listening to Waylon’s reply. “No wonder he resembles us so much. And since he’s our daddy, why is he with that vicious woman?”

Waylon walked out of the hospital’s entrance with the DNA results and said, “Didn’t Godmother tell us about the origin? Mommy got kicked out of the Vanderbilt manor because of the scheme that the bad woman laid down for her six years ago. Daddy doesn’t know about our existence. He doesn’t even know about Mommy. It must be because of that bad woman.”

Colton’s face turned gloomy. “Hmph, that bad woman wants to keep our daddy to herself? In her wildest dreams!”

‘Just you wait and see how we abduct our daddy!’

Colton was suddenly knocked to the ground when he was about to turn around.

A woman’s voice sounded all of a sudden. “Where did this little b*stard come from? Don’t you have eyes?”

Leila patted the clothes on her body. They were all from a designer brand, very expensive, and she was reluctant to wear them at home. She would only wear them when she was out here having meals with friends.

How could she feel delighted now that a brat had scrapped them?

However, after her gaze fell on the little b*stard’s face, Leila’s face distorted due to the shock.

‘This brat… Why does he look so much like Mr. Goldmann?’

Colton got up from the ground and patted his clothes. “You’re the one who doesn’t have eyes, aunty.”

“Who… Who’s your mother?” Leila had an ominous premonition deep down.

‘A boy who looks like Mr. Goldmann has appeared out of nowhere suddenly… Is it possible that he’s a b*stard that a random woman conceived with Mr. Goldmann?

‘But that doesn’t sound right. Mr. Goldmann hasn’t been very fond of women, except that night from six years ago…’

Thinking of six years ago, Leila could no longer calm herself down anymore.

‘Hadn’t that b*tch only slept with Mr. Goldmann for that one time? How could it be possible to get pregnant in just one night?

‘I’ve run into a child who looks so much like Mr. Goldmann here when Maisie has also returned to Zlokova recently.’

“What makes you think you’re worthy of knowing who my mother is?” Colton ignored her and wanted to leave.

Leila grabbed his arm abruptly. “You little b*stard, didn’t your mother teach you how to talk to your elders respectfully?”

Colton turned his head and glanced at her with his cold gaze. “Didn’t your mother teach you to love children?”

The look in his eyes resembled those of Mr. Goldmann’s when he was ferocious.

“Is your mother Maisie Vanderbilt? Is that b*tch your mother!?”

When Leila addressed his mother as a b*tch, Colton bit her hand instantly.

“Aah!” Leila, who got bitten, was so furious that she pushed him away.

Colton fell to the ground and burst into tears abruptly. “Boohoohoo! Someone is hitting a child here. Boohoohoo!”

Colton’s cries caught the attention of several waiters. The waiters saw a child sitting on the ground and crying miserably, then saw the woman’s domineering look. They hurriedly stepped forward to help the child up.

“Madam, how could you push a child?”

“Isn’t this none of your business? Did you see me push him? The truth is that he fell down by himself!”

Colton exclaimed while sobbing, “I’ve only run into you, but you pushed me and called my mommy a b*tch. Boohoohoo!”

The waiters began to sympathize with the child.

The restaurant manager rushed to bring the news to Nolan. After all, this kid came here to eat with Mr. Goldmann.

After Nolan heard the manager’s explanation, he got up and left with the restaurant manager.

At the same time, Daisie and Quincy also caught up to them.

“Waylon!” Daisie saw Colton sitting on the ground, crying. Thus, she hurried over and glared at Leila. “Why did you push my brother!?”

“Did you see me push him with your own eyes? You b*stards, you’re trying to put all the blame on me today, aren’t you? B*stards, don’t know who I am? I’ll show you how I deal with brats like you two!”

The rage within Leila burned even brighter every time she thought that these kids were most likely Maisie’s children. She raised her arm and was about to swing it at them.

Daisie deliberately stepped forward to fend it off.

Her small body fell to the ground after taking the slap head-on, and the waiters surrounding the scene were infuriated when they saw this.

Daisie did not cry, but a reddened mark appeared on her fair and tender cheek.

“You… You ran into it yourself.” Leila was caught off guard as the girl had rushed out before her hand could even reach her.

However, the next second, Leila’s face paled in an instant when she saw Nolan. “Mr. Gold… Mr. Goldmann…”

After seeing the mark on Daisie’s cheek, Nolan’s expression turned gloomy, and the temperature of the air surrounding him slid downhill at the exact same moment. “Mrs. Vanderbilt, why did you make such a harsh move on a child?”

“I… No, Mr. Goldmann. This kid was the person who ran into me first. Not only did he not apologize after that, but he also talked back to me. He even bit me. You can take a look at this.” Leila stretched out her hand that had just gotten bitten. The bite mark was still very visible.

Colton sobbed. “You’re the one who scolded me first. You even called my mommy a b*tch! That’s why I bit you!”

Huge tears gushed down from his eyes, and the crying sounded so heartbreaking that the waiters felt extremely distressed.

“Even if this child ran into you, it’s mostly by accident. Why would you argue over such a trivial issue with a child?”

“Yeah, you’re also a mother yourself. Don’t you feel sorry for this kid?”

“After such a huge blow, I’m afraid that this incident might overshadow the kid’s childhood.”

Nolan walked to Daisie and Colton. He first turned to Daisie, who was too stubborn to cry, and rubbed her cheek, which had become red and swollen. He then wiped away Colton’s tears.

The emotions of these two children had actually affected his mood.

Nolan got up and gave Leila an irrefutable glare. “Apologize to the kids.”

“Mr. Goldmann, just what’s your relationship with these two kids?”

Nolan’s thin lips were pressed against each other tightly.

‘The two children have nothing to do with me, but I…’

“You don’t have to worry about my relationship with them. You only need to apologize to the child because you’re Willow’s mother, and I promise I won’t make your life difficult because of this matter ever again.”


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