The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1200

Chapter 1200

Lucy explained, “Actually, it’s just that they don’t know you too well. That’s why they think of you as such a person. However, I still want to ask you about something, and that is…” She turned to look at Naomi. “Is your phone really that expensive?”

Naomi was dumbfounded for a few seconds. “My phone’s case?”

She did not seem to understand why Lucy would pay attention to her phone case and replied, “The phone already came with a case when my dad bought me the phone, and I didn’t ask how much it cost.”

“Your dad?” Lucy was stunned.

Naomi gave off a helpless look. “Yeah, my

dad, my father.”

Lucy took a deep breath and realized something in a daze. “So the one who sends you to work every morning is actually…”

Naomi lowered her gaze, probably because she had guessed what the staff had been talking about behind her. “Yeah, that’s my father.”

‘So it’s her father!

Lucy finally felt relieved and laughed. “You’ve really hidden it well. I’m right. You’re definitely not someone that they described you to be. No wonder you made it sound like paying $2,000 was a piece of cake to you the other day.”

‘She’s born in a wealthy family, one that can afford to give her a cell phone case that costs tens of thousands of dollars as a present, so it’s perfectly normal for her to get picked up by a luxury car.’

Naomi stared at Lucy. Seeing that Lucy believed her, Naomi felt warm for some reason. Maybe this was the feeling of being

The elevator doors opened, and the man standing in the elevator lifted his head and just so happened to exchange gazes with the both of them.

Naomi was flustered, and her expression looked slightly surprised.

Francisco did not seem to expect to be able to meet them at Soul. Seeing that the two of them did not move a muscle, he pressed the elevator to hold it. “Are you going up or down?” “We’re going down!” Lucy returned to her senses, pulled Naomi into the elevator, and then asked with a smile, “Aren’t you the person who helped us the other day? What a coincidence. Why are you here ?”

“I came here to meet someone.” Francisco nodded and immediately took a glance at them. “Are you Maisie Vanderbilt’s employees?”

Lucy was slightly astounded. “You actually know Ms. Vanderbilt?”

He responded with a hum.

Lucy had always loved to feast her eyes on handsome men, not to mention that she had run into a handsome man who was so friendly, helped them before this, and knew Ms. Vanderbilt personally. Thus, how could she not feel hyped?

“By the way, we didn’t get your name the other day. My name is Lucy Xavier, and she’s Naomi Topaz. She’s a new jewelry designer that’s now working for Soul.’

Naomi did not expect Lucy to introduce her to him directly! Francisco squinted slightly. “Naomi Topaz?”

Naomi looked at Francisco subconsciously. He seemed to be thinking about something.

He then asked with a smile, “If I’m not mistaken, are you the daughter of Mr. Topaz of Eastwood Enterprise?”

Lucy looked at Naomi in shock.

Naomi smiled awkwardly and nodded.

Lucy jerked her. “It turns out that you’re the daughter of Eastwood Enterprise’s owner? What a surprise!”

‘I only thought that Naomi’s family was rich, but I didn’t expect that they weren’t just wealthy, but filthy rich!’

When the elevator arrived at the floor they were heading to, Naomi wrapped her arms around Lucy’s arm. “We’re here.”

She then hauled her out of the elevator.

As soon as they stepped out of the elevator, Lucy thought of something, released her arms, and stepped back into the elevator.” Mr. Savior, can I add you as a friend on WhatsApp?”

The title “Mr. Savior” startled Francisco, and Naomi was stunned.

‘She doesn’t even know much about him, and she’s already asked him for his contact information!?’

Francisco gave her his username, and Lucy thanked him with a wide grin. “Thank you, Mr. Savior, do remember to accept my friend request!”

The elevator doors shut completely, separating both parties from each other. Francisco stood in the elevator, staring at the friend request.

‘It’s rather rude to reject her request, not to mention that she’s an employee from Soul.’

That was how he accepted her friend request.


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