The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1201

Chapter 1201

Lucy got his contact and added the number. She then turned to look at Naomi and smiled. “Do you want me to share the contact with you?”

Naomi choked. “No… No thanks.”

“It’s okay. No need to pretend. How will you move forward if you are too shy? Aren’t you single? Here’s your chance.” Lucy laughed.

Naomi immediately looked away, “what do you mean by chance?”

“To seduce him! ” After Lucy said that, she suddenly remembered something and curiously looked at Naomi. “Have you been in a relationship before?”

Naomi was called out and couldn’t find her words.

Lucy tapped her shoulder. “It’s fine that you haven’t been in a relationship before. I won’t laugh at you, don’t worry.”

Lucy then opened up her contacts. “Are you on WhatsApp?.”

Naomi pressed her lips together while she slowed her footsteps.

After a moment, she said, “I don’t have WhatsApp.”

Lucy turned to look at her, both surprised and curious.

At the Bouchers…

Eugene sat on the couch reading a magazine.

When he saw his son coming home, he put down the magazine, “You’ve been visiting your mother lately. ”

Francisco nodded, stopped in front of the stairs, and loosened his tie. “Mom has been well. You don’t need to worry about her.”

Eugene was going to say something but didn’t and changed the subject. “Attend the Hannigans and Santiagos’ marriage with me tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Francisco went upstairs.

As the night got darker, the lights lit up.

The wedding of Tanner and Pearl was held at a five- star hotel owned by the Hannigans.

Everyone in Bassburgh knew about the wedding, but they didn’t know why it had been delayed for a year.

Someone speculated that Tanner didn’t want to go on with it, not wanting to marry a tainted woman, but his father had made him do it since he didn’t want to let the Santiagos slip away, of course, there was speculation that it was the Santiagos wanting to call it off too. No one knew what actually happened.

Around a dozen luxury cars drove into the valet area. Those attending were close relatives, friends, and business partners of both families.

The Santiagos knew many people in the jewelry industry because of the La Perla Group, and La Perla was just second to Taylor’s.

Antonio and Mrs. Santiago greeted their relatives and guests in the banquet hall. Nathaniel and his wife were smiling widely, and Antonio seemed to be smiling too. Only Mrs. Santiago didn’t look happy.

Sometimes Antonio would remind her, and she would smile awkwardly.

Eugene arrived with Francisco, and Nathaniel walked over smiling and said, “Thankyou for coming. This is such a pleasure. Let’s put the past behind US.”

Since Nathaniel walked over first and there were a lot of guests around, Eugene took up the glass on the table. “The past is in the past. It’s a happy day for Mr. Hannigan and Ms. Santiago, so I’m going to toast to that.”

They both took a drink, then Nathaniel walked them to their seats. Since the groom’s side had invited them, they stayed on that side.

After Francisco sat down, he looked up at a woman checking her phone. ‘It’s her.’

Naomi sat next to Anthony, but unlike the other socialites, she dressed more casually, she was in a denim jacket and a white turtle neck top with her hair neatly tied up in a bun, showing off her beautiful face.


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