The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1202

Chapter 1202

Naomi had a classic oval shape that’s the size of a hand, delicate and small, she didn’t fit in the rowdy crowd, and so she stood out.

After all the guests arrived, the ceremony started. The emcee did an opening monologue, and the lights dimmed. Then the wedding march began, and everyone looked toward the bride, who slowly walked in.

Pearl had a veil on, and her dress had a long train, she took one step at a time while holding onto her father’s arm.

Tanner stood on stage, and his expression was unclear due to the dim lights.

Anthonio handed his daughter to Tanner. He took her hand, and they turned and walked toward the emcee. The emcee congratulated them and asked if he promised to take her as his wife from this day forward until death separated them.

Suddenly, a voice came from the crowd.

“He doesn’t want to! ”

Everyone looked toward the woman with short hair among the crowd, she was also in a white wedding dress, and everyone started talking.

Nathaniel’s face dropped, and he immediately asked some security guards to come over.

The woman walked toward the stage while everyone watched.

Tanner raised his eyebrows, “Have you gone mad?”

“I knowyour dad is makingyou marry her. You don’t even love her! ” The woman pressed her palm to her heart, her eyes turning red. “You said you wouldn’t marry her.”

“Sandy, go home,” Tanner calmly said.

The guards rushed over and escorted her away.

She didn’t want to leave, so she struggled, “I won’t leave.”

The guard gave her a tug which made her lose her footing and fall to the floor. At that moment, she yelled out loud, “I’m pregnant!”

The guards immediately took a step back, and everyone, including the Hannigans, was in shock. The Santiagos looked horrified.

“Heavens! How could this happen?”

“Mr. Hannigan is just treating this marriage as a game. How could he marry Ms. Santiago after getting someone else pregnant?”

“Such a shame to the family.”

The guests started chattering, and Nathaniel couldn’t stand it anymore. He yelled at the guards, “Take her away immediately! ”

The guards grabbed her, but she fell to the floor again.

Tanner rushed toward her, pushed the guards away, and helped her up. “Are you alright, Sandy?”

Sandy DuPont hugged him in tears. “Tan, I’m pregnant. I don’t know what to do. If you married her, our child would be a b*stard.”

Tanner stood there on the spot. His body froze while she hugged him.

Antonio slammed the table and stood up. “After all this hassle, you have a kid now? So, is my daughter the other woman?”

Mrs. Santiago complained to him. “I told you I didn’t want them to get married. You wouldn’t listen.”

She knew that Tanner wasn’t sincere in marrying their daughter. She would not let her daughter be put in shame even if no one wanted to marry her!

Tanner stood there with his lips pressed while the crowd murmured along.

He turned toward Pearl, standing in the shadows in a white, spotless wedding dress, her makeup elegant. She was expressionless and didn’t say anything. She wasn’t just some person in the crowd, but she seemed numb to all that.

Sandy held her belly. “Tan, my stomach is hurting. Would you leave with me?”

Tanner was brought back into reality with that question. He clenched his jaw and carried her in his arms.

“You better not leave with her!” Nathaniel yelled at him. “You need to remember who you are! ”


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