The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1205

Chapter 1205

Naomi put her palm to her forehead, she felt that she was being set up!

#Mr. Tanner eloped with another woman.#

The wedding between the Hannigans and Santiagos started trending on Twitter, and many people were berating Tanner. Those who were berating him were mostly women because they were calling him out for running away with Sandy, who had made a scene at the wedding. Most of the men were on Tanner’s side, saying it was better for him to run away than marry a woman who was tainted.

When Antonio saw the news, he angrily threw the newspaper at the table. “Tanner Hannigan is pure evil!”

Mrs. Santiago looked at him coldly. “Are you happy now?’

“I…” Antonio quietly admitted that the Hannigans had toyed with them. He remembered something and suddenly looked at his wife. “Did you know about this?”

Mrs. Santiago’s expression was stoic.

She had learned about it one year ago. They had been elated when the Hannigans were willing to accept their ‘tainted’ daughter, so they just wanted them to give it a go. As long as Tanner didn’t mind, they might be able to slowly fall for each other.

At first, she had been happy with Tanner being their son-in-law because he looked really caring when he was with Pearl and took great care of her. She had even thought that he was a good person for Pearl to spend the rest of her life with.


It was raining that day when she sent Pearl to their apartment. After Pearl went in, when Mrs. Santiago was going to drive away, another car slowly drove over and parked in front of her car.

She recognized that that was Tanner’s car and saw him walking down with an umbrella in hand, she was going to open the window and greet her son-in-law when he walked over to the passenger’s side, and the woman who got out hugged him.

Tanner put his arm on the girl’s shoulders so she wouldn’t get wet and kissed her after getting into the building.

The scene made her tear up.

She hated men who played around.

She quietly followed them, and when they didn’t get out of Pearl’s floor, she found out that the woman was a tenant of the building too.

After a few days of observation, she found all the evidence and was certain that Tanner was in a relationship with that woman called Sandy DuPont. • • •

Mrs. Santiago snapped out of it and said, “This marriage is over. Even if my daughter never gets married, even if all the men in the world died except Tanner, I won’t let her go through this again.”

Antonio was stunned.

At the hospital…

Sandy rubbed her belly and happily talked about their future. She noticed that Tanner wasn’t listening when she turned around, so her smile froze. “Tan?” “Yes?” He turned to look at her. “What is it?”

“Are you not excited about our child?” Sandy was cautious with her question.

Tanner didn’t reply.

Tears welled up in her eyes. “Did I put you in a tough spot? Are you regretting this?”

He rubbed the bridge of his nose. “Not at all.”

“Then why didn’t you reply?” Sandy pulled his hand. “Tan, are you regretting eloping? But you don’t even love her. You were just forced to get married…”

“Sandy, there’s a lot going on my mind right now. Please give me some space. I left my father because of you. What else do you want?”

Tanner’s impatience made Sandy let go, and she started sobbing.

Tanner looked at her. she cried easily. He used to feel bad when she cried, but all he felt was annoyance after seeing it so many times.


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