The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1206

Chapter 1206

Tanner thought about Pearl.

Even though she had seen everything he did with Sandy in the office, this woman had never once shed a single tear.

He thought she might have an inferiority complex because she considered herself “filthy,” and it was a gift to her that a man would marry her, but that was not the case.

Did she have an inferiority complex? Not really.

After all, she had never asked anything from him before.

It was more appropriate to say that she was cold­blooded compared to having an inferiority complex.

Aloof, apathetic, indifferent—she always had that expression on her face even after learning of his scandalous relationship with Sandy. It was like nothing could break her down.

At that moment, Mrs. Hannigan called Tanner and said something to him. He rose to his feet and said. “ I’ll be right there.”

He took his jacket and went to the door. He had not slept for a whole night, and he was very tired right now.

“Tan, are you leaving? who are you going to see? Pearl?”

Tanner’s face turned grim when Sandy said that. He turned around to look at her. “I thought you’re smarter than I thought you were.”

After that, he left without turning his head.

Sandy was stunned. She sat on the bed and bit her lower lips tightly as she watched Tanner slowly disappear from her vision. • • •

Nathaniel had fallen unconscious because of a spike in high blood pressure and a cerebral hemorrhage. Mrs. Hannigan was crying in the ward. Her daughter was in prison, and her stepson didn’t like her. Nathaniel was all she had left of the Hannigans.

When she saw Tanner, she shouted at him, “where have you been? He’s your father! Are you not even concerned about his life?”

Tanner did not say anything.

The doctor came over and advised them to perform the surgery. If not, Nathaniel might be in great danger, when Mrs. Hannigan heard what the doctor said, she cried so much that she nearly fainted.

“Is there no other way other than craniotomy?”

The doctor nodded and continued sternly. “There’s no other better option. Once the intracranial hemorrhage reaches 30 milliliters, we must perform the operation on the patient. This is because after the brain hemorrhage reaches a certain amount, it’ll compress the nearby brain tissue, thus aggravating the condition in an acute and dangerous manner with a very high mortality rate.”

Mrs. Hannigan took a step forward and grabbed the doctor. “No, we can’t perform the craniotomy on him. It’s too dangerous. He’s too old. Can you guys guarantee that he’ll be safe?”

“Mrs. Hannigan, every surgery has its own risk. Judging from the patient’s current condition, he won’t last a few days at all. If we perform the surgery on him, he’ll have a better chance to survive.”


“Let’s do the surgery,” Tanner chimed in, cutting Mrs. Hannigan short.

Mrs. Hannigan’s emotions got the best of her, and she shouted, “Have you gone mad, Tanner!?

“Craniotomy is riskier than normal surgery. It’s the head! If there is an accident — ”

“If you want to watch him die, go ahead. I won’t stop you,” Tanner interrupted, silencing Mrs. Hannigan.

The doctor pushed his glasses and asked, “So, have you guys made up your mind?”

“Yeah,” Tanner replied.

The doctor brought them a surgery consent form. He signed his name on it and confirmed the date of the surgery. His phone had been ringing throughout the entire process, but he did not pick it up.

He only sat on the bench in the corridor and pulled his phone out after he had finished everything. The 18 missed calls were all from Sandy. He did not know why, but he did not have the intention of calling her back.

In the end, he switched off the phone.

It wasn’t until the next day, when Nathaniel was pushed out of the operating room, that Tanner received a call from the nursery saying that Sandy tried to kill herself by cutting her wrists the previous day.

He hastily headed over to the nursery.

When Sandy woke up, the first thing she saw was Tanner. He crossed his fingers together and placed them on his forehead. He looked tired and depressed.

She grinned weakly and said, “Tan, I knew you still love me.”

Hearing her voice, Tanner knew that she had woken up. He looked at her with a grim expression and said, “Sandy, you know what I hate the most? I hate being threatened.”


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