The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1211

chapter 1211

Naomi paused for a split second, turned her head, and looked at Francisco, who just so happened to be glancing at her too. She then refuted Lucy immediately. “Nonsense. Where are the similarities? Both our colors look very different, okay?”

“Both of you have bright-colored clothing on, while mine is dark-colored.” Lucy grabbed the hem of the front of her black down jacket and covered her chest and abdomen.

Before Naomi could say anything, Francisco laughed. “It’s just a coincidence.”

After the meal, Lucy proposed that the three of them could go to the movies. And when they got to the movie theater, she skimmed through the several movies that were listed on the screen and decided to watch a horror movie. “Let’s watch this today and make it a challenge. What do you guys think?”

When more than two people were watching a horror movie, the atmosphere in the theater would become much more interesting than that of a romance movie. Especially when one was frightened, she could jump into the arms of the person who was sitting next to her. That had always been the reason horror movies were one of the best assists in kickstarting a romantic relationship!

Naomi responded, “I can go with anything.”

Francisco hesitated for a bit. “Are you sure you want to watch this?”

Lucy nodded. “Of course!”

However, Lucy soon realized that she had shot herself in the foot, she was the only one who got frightened throughout the whole movie, and there were countless moments in which she was that close to throwing herself into Naomi’s arms like a baby.

The terrifying sound effects and the storyline were basically acceptable to Naomi. Nothing in the movie could scare her at all. Francisco did not show any signs of being frightened either.

Lucy felt that she had miscalculated.

Lucy’s legs were wobbly as she walked out of the theater, and they could hardly stay under her body. “Didn’t you find it scary?”

“It’s okay.” Naomi looked at her. “It’s all fake anyway.”

Lucy was at a loss for words. This was her first time feeling speechless.

‘Is this even a question of whether it’s fake or not? Even if you’re not scared, you should pretend to be terrified! ’

Francisco glanced at the two of them while he was thinking about something.

Lucy had run out of ideas, so she thought of another way and suggested, “Are you guys thirsty? I’ll buy you something to drink.”

Before they could answer her, she had already left.

At that moment, only the two of them were left at the scene, and Naomi was even more at a loss.

She secretly took a peek at Francisco, who was standing right next to her and pursed her lips. “By the way, how did you get my cell phone number?”

Francisco looked at her. “I called your company and asked them for it.”

She was astonished for a few seconds, then looked away slowly and gave off an awkward smile. “Well, you should be a very busy man, so we would totally understand it even if you really couldn’t show up today.”

“It’s alright. All the tasks that should be done have been completed.” Francisco inserted his hands into the pockets of his trench coat. “I can’t just eat my words after promising you girls.”

Naomi’s eyelashes trembled, but she did not utter a single word.

She then glanced in the direction where Lucy had headed. “How about we go find her?”

Francisco squinted slightly and gave off a profound grin, “okay.”

Naomi and Francisco went to find Lucy, but they did not see her in front of any of the automatic drink vending machines in the mall. Thus, she looked around. “Didn’t she say she would buy US some drinks?”

“Perhaps she’s gone elsewhere to buy them.” Francisco seemed very calm as he looked down at his watch, “she’ll definitely contact you when she’s done. Do you want to go shopping first?”

Naomi hesitated for a short while. “Alright then.”

The open-air cafes located on both sides of the street, in addition to drinks, also sold a variety of delicacies. Naomi walked beside Francisco, and she would turn her head and look at him from time to time. However, she did not dare to stare for too long out of fear of being discovered.

At this time, it started to rain.

The rain got heavier and heavier, and the passersby who had come out without an umbrella were forced to hide under the shops’ roofs to avoid the rain.

Naomi and Francisco stood under the eaves.

She was briefly caught in the rain, and her hair got drenched and a little sticky, so she lowered her head and tucked it away.

Francisco handed her a pack of tissues. “You can wipe your hair.”


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