The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1212

chapter 1212

Naomi was astounded for a bit and grabbed the pack of tissues from him. “Thank you.”

He stared at the heavy rain. “I don’t think the rain will cease so soon.”

Naomi lowered her gaze and pursed her lips.

In fact, she hoped that the rain would go on for longer.

At that moment, Francisco’s cell phone rang. He took a glimpse at the caller ID and walked away to answer it.

Naomi turned her head and stared at his figure. For some reason, she felt like she was on a date. However, as soon as Naomi thought of the word “date”, her cheeks blushed inexplicably, and she covered them instantly.

‘Why have my thoughts become so bizarre lately!?’

However, what she did not know was that Francisco looked back at her at this moment and happened to witness the scene where she was covering her cheeks in panic. The sight of an innocent girl being in love was truly a feast to his eyes.

Apart from this, Lucy’s actions had all been so obvious, so how could Francisco not realize it?

He lowered his gaze, turned around, and talked on the phone. It was not until the call was over that he turned to look at Naomi. “ Has your friend contacted you?”

She was startled. “Err… Not yet.”

“Looks like she’s had everything planned out.”

“What?” Naomi looked bewildered.

Francisco put his phone away and gave off a faint smile. “She’s planning to make a match out of the both of US, isn’t she?”

She was dumbfounded.

Francisco stood in front of her. “So, do you fancy me?”

Naomi’s facial expression looked a little stiff. She could not help but clench her hands into fists and lowered her head.

“I… No.” Naomi did not dare to admit she had a thing for him, especially right after he had revealed it!

He responded with a hum. “You should contact your friend. Something just came up, and I have to take my leave already.”

“Huh?” Naomi lifted her head. “But it’s still raining…”

He replied calmly, “My assistant will be here to pick me up.”

It did not take long for Francisco’s assistant to appear with an umbrella. He walked under his assistant’s umbrella and looked back at her. “ I’m sorry.”

Naomi stared at their silhouettes leaving in the rain, pursed her lips lightly, and the initially red on her cheeks gave way to a layer of pale pallor.

When the rain stopped, the air was filled with a heavy hint of dampness, and most of the dark clouds had faded along with the subsidence of the rain, leaving the sky a little brighter.

When Lucy came looking for Naomi, she saw that she was leaning against the wall, and Francisco was nowhere to be seen, so she was curious. “Hey, weren’t you with Mr. Boucher when I left? where is he?”

Naomi’s eyelashes trembled, she slowly raised her head and forced a smile. “He left a while ago.”

Looking at her slightly bleak look, Lucy asked, “Did something happen?”

“Everything’s fine.” Naomi cheered herself up. “The rain has stopped. Let’s go home already.”

She walked by Lucy and left the scene first.

Although Lucy felt that something was wrong, she did not know what happened and was too embarrassed to ask more questions in order for her to get to the bottom of the matter.

Thus, she could only catch up to her and leave with her for now.

At the same time, in the car…

Francisco stared through the car window, and his gaze was fixed on the street.

The assistant who was driving the car glanced at him through the rearview mirror. “Weren’t you on a date? Did you just leave the girl behind and left?”

“It’s not a date,” he corrected him.

The assistant was stunned. “It’s not a date?”

Francisco retracted his gaze. “We only had a meal together, but it rained halfway.”

The assistant understood what he meant. “I see. The girl looks so innocent and pure, I was wondering if your taste has changed, and you’ve started to take a fancy to college students.” ’

“A college student?” Francisco laughed. “ She’s the daughter of the Eastwood Enterprise’s owner, and she has already passed the age of a college student.”

The assistant was astonished, “oh, so she’s Mr. Topaz’s daughter!”

Everyone knew that Anthony had a daughter, but his daughter was so well-protected that she had never appeared in front of the public. Not even the media could take a photo of her, so she had always been a very mysterious person.


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