The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1214

chapter 1214

A thorn seemed to have punctured Tanner’s chest, and he felt as if he could no longer breathe. He was silent for a moment and then stood up shakily. “Then take me back.”

The pub manager came over and said, “Miss, please send Mr. Hannigan home. He’s drunk too much. We’ll get into trouble if something happens to him after he leaves the premises.”

Pearl did not utter a single word. Pearl saw the coat he draped on the couch, picked it up, and followed him out when they were leaving the pub.

Pearl was about to cover him with his coat back in the car when Tanner grabbed her wrist abruptly and called her out drunkenly but looked as if he was completely sober. “Pearl.”

Pearl froze. She remembered suddenly that Tanner used to call her that in front of her parents a year ago. She smiled, but there was not even a hint of hilarity in her eyes. “Are you still playing your part? But the play has ended.”

He did not speak another word.

Pearl drove him back to the apartment building. She knew that Sandy stayed in this apartment too and wanted to send him over to Sandy’s place. Thus, she was about to press on the number 13 to send him to the 13th floor when they got into the elevator, but Tanner abruptly pulled her hand back and pressed the number 16.

Pearl wanted to pull her hand out of his grasp, but Tanner seemed to know her next move, so he tightened his clutch and took her into his arms.

“Tanner Hannigan!” Pearl struggled in his arms.

Tanner lifted her face and lowered his head to kiss her. The abrupt kiss assaulted her with a strong whiff of alcohol, and she was imprisoned in her arms, unable to move.

The two doors opened, and Tanner dragged her out of the elevator, pressed her against the door, and continued to kiss her. She resisted with both hands, but there was nowhere to escape.

When she noticed something, Pearl stopped him instantly. “Have you lost your mind, Tanner Hannigan? I don’t have anything to do with you now! You don’t have any right to touch me!”

Tanner’s palms ran through her hair. He held the back of her head and forced her to raise her head. “So, does it mean it’s okay if we’re in a relationship?”

Pearl was momentarily stunned and turned her face away from him. “That will never be possible anymore.”

She turned around and wanted to leave immediately, but Tanner grabbed her wrist and carried her into the apartment.

Pearl was shocked by what was going to happen, and the fear that she had experienced in the past spread within her. Her hands and feet turned cold instantly, and she trembled from head to toe. “Tanner, please don’t…”

Tanner did not care at this moment. Under the influence of alcohol and his inner desire, his urge to own her intensified. He stopped her crying with kisses and wiped her tears away with even more kisses. Every single steamy movement that followed was a shocking sight and a captivating scenery at the same time.

Cold breezes could be seen brushing through the plants sitting outside the window in the endless night. Pearl curled up on one side of the bed and stared out of the window with a blank gaze. Tears were gushing down the bridge of her nose and wet the pillow.

Besides her, Naomi also stayed up all night.

The light in Naomi’s room was still on, And Anthony saw it through the crack of the door when he woke up for some water, so he knocked on her door. “Nelly?”

Naomi was astounded. She quickly covered her drawings with a book, got up, put her cardigan on, and went to open the door. “ Dad?”

Anthony frowned. “It’s already dawn. Why haven’t you slept yet? Are you busy with your work?”

She lowered her gaze. “I… I went to bed too early, and I can’t sleep now. That’s why I’m reading a book now.”

Anthony sighed. “Don’t you have to go to work tomorrow? You should grab some rest even if you can’t sleep, otherwise, you’ll feel fatigued tomorrow.”

She nodded. “Okay.”

After Anthony left, Naomi closed the door and leaned against it. she did not feel sleepy at all because of what had happened earlier today.

‘It seems that Mr. Boucher has misunderstood me. But I do have a thing for him. Was it a misunderstanding? ’

The next day, Tanner slowly opened his eyes and woke up. Thinking about what had happened last night in a trance, he sat up immediately, saw the messy bed, and knew that it was not a dream.


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