The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1216

chapter 1216

Tanner stood next to the bed and looked at his father. “What about the child?”

Nathaniel was quiet for a few minutes, but his expression didn’t change. “I can accept the child but not the mother.”

Tanner seemed to know that was what his father would say, but before this, he would debate about it with his father, but now…

Had Pearl influenced him or the ‘accidental’ child? He was in chaos.

After he left the hospital, Tanner drove to La Pearla. The employees all knew about him and Pearl. On top of the scene at the wedding, the news was everywhere, and the people started chattering when he showed up.

“Didn’t Mr. Tanner run away with that woman and left his to-be wife?”

“Tsk! What’s the point of coming to see Ms. Santiago now that the wedding is over? Such an *sshole.”

“What *sshole? I think Mr. Hannigan is the victim here, other than Mr. Hannigan, who would be willing to marry her? I heard that he already had a girlfriend before he was forced to marry her, but the Hannigans wouldn’t accept her, so they were forced to break up.”

“He could have rejected it. He agreed to it and then reneged. Does it make him look bad after opening up her wound?”

When Tanner got out of the elevator, he went straight to Pearl’s office.

Pearl stood in front of the cabinets in a light green blouse with a silver necklace and asymmetrical black leather skirt, showing off her curves.

He stood there and stared at her. Pearl had a nice figure which was even better than Sandy’s, but they had been sleeping in separate beds even when their parents asked them to stay together to build a connection.

He would never have thought that anything would happen between him and Pearl. They had just been acting. Even after getting married, she would just be the daughter-in- law of the Hannigans and his wife on paper.

Men could see marriage as beneficial, and marrying a woman he didn’t love for the benefits wouldn’t affect him, or so he thought.

However, he didn’t know when things started changing, but it was very subtle, she was true to him at first, but he no longer saw love in her eyes after a while. Even when he was flirting with Sandy in front of her, she never cared.

“Did you get the medication that I asked for?” Pearl thought that it was her assistant until Tanner spoke. “What medication?”

She paused. When she turned and saw that it was him, she took a huge step back and bumped into the cabinets.

Tanner saw that and took big steps to pull her into his arms, putting his palm to where she bumped into the cabinets. “Are you alright?”

“Let go of me!” Pearl pushed him away and pointed at him, “I don’t want to see you ever again. Get out of here! ”

“Get out?” Tanner pushed her hand away and cornered her to the table. “I was too impulsive last night, and I apologize for that. But you knew that she was pregnant, yet you asked her to come over. Did you do that to anger her?”

Pearl paused before looking down and sniggering. “If you think I did that, then I did that. You can leave now.”

She pushed him away but was pulled back when she started walking away. “You admit it then?”

Pearl wouldn’t look at him nor say anything.

Tanner turned her over and forced her to look at him. His eyes scanned her lips, which were pressed together. “Pearl, I hate you acting this way.”


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